Con Man

from by Robin Black

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articulate heartbreak
through memoirs of madness
Rambo with infinite ammo
vincent van gogh with the absence of absinthe

the prefix to what you see fit
i'm the twinkle in the eye Slick Rick can't see with

all the way from california
the way nina simone sung baltimore
the salt that poured from my cornea

i promise to go hard kiddo
til my bars get Omar Little'd

dice dancin, gamblin
they dolled up like mannequins
sleep on me like ambien
when you should kiss the ring like Manny's chin

the life lessons that didn’t scar him
a tattoo gun carved in
double crossed and bleedin
he said you can’t be the king
cuz the crown costs
upside down cross allegiance

empty unkempt empresses
salivate salvation
faith in question
peer in, tears swim in all the years that my face collected

where im from terror come

we worship burgers like hindus worship cows
puppets crowns
roll through there burnt down towns

oceans above pray
that the trash and waste will all drown
us one day

polar bears wash up in the harbor
Mickey Maus owns Marvel
no super heroes to save you
captain america Blackwater
the almighty dollar
fathers the father you pray to

Magneto’s parents were killed by Nazi’s for the second time around.

the world keeps on singing the same song
saddam hussein hung on my samsung
frauds messiahs and gods
cradle oil with fire arms

stare stupidly into defeat
hurricanes slap living rooms into the street

hand me down fall
flowers in guns
thieves bowing kissing rings
trying to pry the diamonds out with there tongues

tap water inspiration
children shed light like snakeskin

it’s gonna take more to save us,
young noriegas movin like ninjas
through bamboo thickets
my pride sinks into blue furadan sand
only spittin like
im dope as i think that he thinks that i am
he wonders if i can save the world and
it makes me think that i can

think its enough but it never is
cant be an angel in hell without getting your feathers singed

the poetry...the hobby
the articulation to drown in your own body
and still i live on
Ill like Kim Jong

forever like strawberry feilds
my repertoire still respected
cuban cigar smokin
like detectives in noir films

has it ever been sweeter?
sippin the cogn to get in the zone
to sit in the throne like tetsuo shima
but i'ma rep hard like tommy pickles rep reptar
on point like some raptor toes
crackin skulls like pistachios
cus we nuts all of us
peanuts almonds walnuts macadamia
many cat act deranged i crack your cranium
assassinate half the names
mack the dames
and pack the stadiums

dont stop where the truth is
i feel my cold blood boil
i seen halos become nooses

pair of ponderers
prepared for pirhanas with silencers
silently i stared at the monitor
apparently my apparel parallels violent talent
clarence bodikers
robocop officer revolver barrel swallower
sterilized palms like fare launderers attitude

where bay dons became the james bonds
of ganja conjurers and i aint mad at you

this the look on the preachers faces
the time that teachers wasted on artists
mothers of mission martyrs cry together
hopin heavens a consolation prize
knowin eyes put the constellations in the skies together

the doubt of my enemies
now is my energy
ya'll motherfuckers cowardly
outwardly, inwardly...


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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