by Robin Black

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dr_w0rm One of the most honest and sincere albums i have ever heard.

It's raw, daring. and never loses traction thru out the whole album.

Well done sir, Well done! Favorite track: Lions/Subsonic Rounds.
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released July 7, 2014

I don't own anything and this tape is FREE.

Executive Producers: Robin Black, Raldon Lumpkins, Dale Jurie Smith, Noah Frank, Nigel Mcgraw, Davy Droman

Features (in order of appearance)

Tony Primo
Donye West
Aaron Hernandez
Davy Droman

Special thanks to Julien Smith and the Talking Heads



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Lions/Subsonic Rounds
i sought support
props like oxycontin for it
i am 2pac shakurs
proxy war
unorthodox apostle sure
posture poor
but my chakra stored like glocks in boxer shorts
my body sore
like mothra or
like mr. miyagis chores
wax on wax off
spotless floors

daniel san, bandana on

off with your
oxford clothand lofty lore
oxford doctor dockers
matchin chocolate socks and godlless lore

daubin aquaphor across the sore
cross that my brothers names across
veins frostbit
heart hagen das'n
since we lost him
pain in exchange for the profit nah
shoulda been free no matter
where you got it off

you wanna
talk shop?
jockin product rawbadogg the god of

I’m callin the cult you call culture
follow me
swallow jolly rogers
drops in bottled waters
jeffrey dahmer genres
and barter the martyrs mantras
pardon me
whose got the motherfuckin
odwalla NOW

and i don’t know how to count bars
but i know how to make my bars count

internet surfin blurbbin
never put in dirty work in
they encouraged yours
to scheme and skirmish
courtesy of jurors
we’ve reached a verdict speeches
“he deserved it”

flyer then tyler durden’s shirts
repurposed ian curtis verses with a refurbished surface
nervous weeded wordsmith
hearse your verse,
perverse your purpose
convert your worship

i lurk in turf where serpents smirk
and vermin surface

we all hurried here to flourish
now we comb the fuhrer’s furs
or furnish his furnace

gun turrets turnin.
turrets emergin
encouragin life insurance purchases

general consensus
i guess
sure it occurs to us
that usurpers is workin against us
only time we get shit
is when we get hit with there benzes

they just switch to a lexus
grim reaper sickle set
police pistols prepped, fickle forensics
little death
sweat on her nipples
a cigarette
icicle necklaces

leave ya secret service merked
leaders lured in merked
and we interpret hurt
asthese worthless words resurface
we reinterpret worth

courtroom expenditures
render your wordin worthless
like sex reassignment surgeons
like u puffin sherm
bubble burstin
me subservient 2 some
demon worshippin
semen spurtin
pee wee herman
jergens circle jerkin herp-a-derps
bourbon burnin , curbin hurt
lookin for a berserker verse?
research what you're immersed in first

bread and circuses
stop and frisk searchin
lil reese, cheif keef, durk an them

backs turned to them
motherfuckaz wouldn’t help a person shirtless
earnest work is shirked
and shirts and merch are purchased
earning turnin
unlearn un
worthy worship
spend all week cheatin church
then creep in to the weekend service

out of jesus jurisdiction
dick in curvy cursive women

verbal turbulence
ya circle puffin purple grinnin
cheapen words of wisdom
just to curdle christians conservative nervous systems?
this is verbal virgin birth of an infinite infant
you cant gimmick infringe on that gimmick infringement

serve a systems murder mission
indecision journalism
for the little bit
illiterate little kids
get imbursed with

steady twitchin,

cut you off
this is circumcision

and i don’t know how to count bars
but i know how to make my bars count

killed it before you heard it, sub sonic rounds

i relearned religion
instead of turnin timid
now i can multipurpose, multiverses
Track Name: Downpour/Spoiled
pops got cancer in his face
but he can't face cancer
god can't hold me back with no man made answers
watched him pray to a bed and we worshipped a dream
how did my man's brain let his hand aim at his head
dog was a martyr for no cause
make me wanna put the markers to the wall
like "none of ya'll understand me"
like i'm a little gay mothafucka from an intolerant family

four friends shot down
no murderers found
you think i'm still tryna sound profound for a rap crown?
what the fuck i needa rap crown for?
song to listen to your competition
you think i'm competin
but i'm screamin
fuck the world cause the world like (fuck you)
fucked your girl
now my dick burnin
just abridge burnin
little kid learnin
how to swim

you think i'm still tryna sound profound for a rap crown? ( x3)
Track Name: Chaos Math
Achilles heel
still i stand
shoot coward you will only kill a man

new born baby 88 the greatest mistake
escape the pain of the
patriots slain in vain
athiest chains
latest mercedes ladies
my mind state is the craziest
makin it sane to be crazy
crazier 2 mention
A.D.D. saved me
maybe it raised me
i wasn't payin attention
rawba dog alias, maybe its rabies
maybe a nation of alienated israeles
invadin alien radiuses
razorblades over the name
engraved in the graves
while they vacation in hades

still i rise
still im talkin
currently currency insecurity
assures me surely it's purely to profit
dis couraged
tryna give these kids courage
when im unsure if i got it
that shit affect robin
well he sure isnt stoppin
screamin fuck the pigs
on some kermit the frog shit

never asher roth
jigga nas
i'm from their cloth
mind of an orphan
michael jordan reportin
live from inside the organs
Ira Glass
lungs fulla fiberglass
watchin your eyes
before i’m ever eyein ya watch
im gonna be iron like a lion in zion
jus watch

ya’ll doubted him
thas why ya’ll got obstacles
and i got pockets full
of philosophical ways out of em
can't tell if its intelligence
or irrelevant eloquance
my vision swellin ya eyes
dwell in a cell in the sky
felon melon never sellin my melanin
rebelious mind
and this the diffrence between
your level an mine
cross out my competiton
psalms in mead composition bibles
rivals feel
heaven through em him
feed the beast inside
i reached a piece of the sky
to preach to the
empty seats seekin
dirty harry revolutionary virgin mary mercenary
cursed in various
emabarassin traits
will bein a good samareten
spare me the fate of, havin to carry the weight of ------
hes always there when i need him
lets me know im here for a reason
new era drop like the towers
without the terror between em

all the girls in my class who
wanted to be actresses is actresses
but all there actin is
done on mattresses

candy caddillac mack daddy
back in the slammer
4 carvin lil girls faces like
jack o lanterns
protect ya pumpkin keep light in it
no enlightenment
just tryna shine like jack nicholson
lil joker joker backpack
he pack pistols in
cold bitchass world i know
but it's still fire
they could take the fuckin crown
a halos still higher

fearin none
you think i can’t come harder than that?
u stupid ass, well here i come

comin through sumn stupid
undisputed summon
the son of
the sum of bein young in a slum
and one with his music
craft truly mastered
perfect practice proven
classic soothin
enthusiastic peep this
jesus judas nazareth blues
true 2 the facts
fused with the views of the masses
facists illusion
misconstrude and saturated solutions
captivated the heart of hatred
murdered it
reverted it back to confusion

he slay you
fuck a muthafukin bitch
plucked the knives out my back
what you think i came
to cut u muthfuckas up with

competition clearly none
you still think i can’t come harder then that
and here i still come

no stranger to no danger
lone ranger
boy meets world
my girl was topanga
my game was
mario off thirty goomers
merkin goombas hadouken akuma
i heard a rumor my words manueveur
through the curbs and sewers
you couldn't walk through MY
untied dirty pumas

i persuade the madness
just stay afraid panic
god mc aint nothin
compared to what i be
if i see
another decade on this planet
defecate on this manuscript
the journalist journey ends
at the pier
for tryna peer in the system
peers imprisoned
so how could we fear a searing abyss
which is clearly a gimmick,
religion mimicked by idiots
and not spiritualists
my lyrics just peer
into what my mirror omits
not sick
just in control of simplicity
simply spit it just appears intracate

so i know i got it man
it’s nothin to stop
me against the world ... whatdya got
Track Name: Socks ft. Tony Primo
I want to hold your wrinkled hand
when the world we no longer understand

i knew this girl she used to get on my nerves
but now shes a woman and my last names hers

shake myself awake trying to find an explanation
somewhere between pride and desperation

yeah i knew this girl she used to get on my nerves
she was always on my mind but wouldn’t ever tell me what was on hers

girl wassup
love wears pearls and chucks
well i guess now she wears vans
krylon on her hands
quoting Pearl S. Buck stanzas

the feelin i get when we kick it
when we kissin
i used to sing sad songs
til she came along and remixed it

life is love
heaven for me would be...
if when i died i relived it

cause when i die
i’ma tell god “send me back to her”
and i’ll come down with a smile
holding all the balloons you ever let go of as a child

wifey material
the prize in my cereal
crazy for your love
i’m coo coo for it
it’s so real so genuine
got you euphoric
thinkin back and reminiscin
every instant

your inspiration your motivation
your clear skies
i’ll be the sleeve that wipes
the tears from your eyes
the confidence you can smile again with
i’m your bullet proof vest
your staircase
your vengeance

you fill me with humility
the same color that saints blush in
you plant flowers in my head
the same color as Frida’s used paintbrushes

lookin deep into your brown eyes rebounded the sky

theres a million fish in the sea
but only a handful of angels
you make new new’s
look like same old same olds
i’m so
so thankful

yours always
hide Codes In A poem foR Always

your perseverance speaks to me
and i can understand it's like i’m bilingual
on the soundtrack to my life your the hit single

you’re the drinks they serve
in the bars i spit
watchin that one movie
where they say you only get
three women in your life
well if ones my momma
then it’s you
i want to have a daughter with

stay up late conversate with ya
the way you move your lil frame
like a shapeshifter

come 2 me comfort me
i whisper to your courage
be strong
i’m the supporting cast
i’m the paper
you write your acceptance speech on
feelin the proudest
tearin up in the audience
i’m cheerin the loudest

i’m the sun that follows you to work
the light that always hits you right
my life is just a de ja vu
cause i been dreamin of you
every night

workin grindin your worth the cryin
worth dyin for your perfect timin
your the moment i realize
everythings come full circle
since i met you
musics been number 2
you make an underground mc
go and do a mcdonalds commercial

you show me what i gotta be
you’re my pride and joy my honesty
whatever happens you’ll always be attached to my heart
and i add new lines to this joint everyday
the way you add happiness to my heart

you’re the apple of my eye
like hova ovalookin brooklyn
i wanted a friend like you since i was 5
and our apartment was overlookin brooklyn
and when you can’t see the road ahead
i got eyes for you to look in

my hand misses your hand
my eyes want you

lazy eye
since i
laid eyes on you
trust this
no poem could do you justice

because this poem is the only place
that theres an us in

i know someone will always love you so
a cold bed, a wet pillow
these are things you’ll never know

the expression on my face is overjoyed
the smile melting
in the ashes of a polaroid
Track Name: Good ft. Donye West

a tension or clash resulting from,
the combination of two disharmonious
or unsuitable elements

suited in elegance
loot the benevolent
this is kinda like irrefutable evidence

Cross tatted in my skin
not religious
believe in heaven
give my dead friends
somewhere to kick it

rappin cus i can’t promise i’ll die laughin
so turn the knob up if i got shot up didn’t pop up
like live jasmin
word to ayn rand my design damaged

it’s kinda like atlas shrugs
where lil girls could catch a slug
bioshock style
pacs style stockpiled,
this how keith harring and basquiat sound

it's kinda like walkin the game like where the crown at?
stanley kubrick flick with a marvin gaye soundtrack

lookin at my watch
shit it’s now o clock
fitted by they ms. chips
they want that
gunpowder pop
they spit that “in the kitchen” like counter tops
and end up whisperin that “how we flop”

an owl i watch
like white donut powdered
white powder snot
prowl the block scowlin

nothin to rap about what you sellin ounces of weed for
if it aint what we bout we out
reroutes and detours
my click sick
cus my clique click like a mouse and a keyboard

but feel free
to disagree maliciously
hate on
fuck these assholes like gay porn
i say it RIGHT they just say it more
sware i should call shenanigans
style fatter then the ass on a mission street manequin
royal rumble ramblin
all my tangents in the ring scramblin to be champion

don draper man
iimmy mcnulty
swiggin jameson when that sweet get salty
stompin on beats and my feet get faulty

used to listen to my favorite rappers and pay attention
but it’s different
now that i could stack my rhyme books taller THAN em

so break yourself for your fuckin market
ask me are you G? (r-u-g ?)
like a fuckin carpet

plus my shit is vivid
so stressed my shit is liquid
can’t stomach
a stomach i wish i didn’t
place coffee in.
unfocused, feelin hopeless
but kno
i’m soblessed every day a taste oxygen

zombie jazz
insomniac graff
on old mitt romneys ads

well established
hella cabbage gettin

saprophytic rap religion.
glass ceilng
shards in my hair
art of martyrdom partisan
the more i care the harder to share

sneak dissas
i aint withya friendly fire
critics ho’s
at my shows
really hope u there
nope no sucky double vocal layer
ima beast
thats why my vocals bear
lines like a sudoku player
what im sayin super
on point like gokus hair

hear me bangin on bangin beats
same dude you see in the streets
assume hes soft like angels sheets
i'm shamin sheets of paper with lyrics on em

put the mirror on em
we reverse engineering on em
now we the shit and we smear it on em

adderoll flo
my catalog go:
death infatuation CHECK
2pac name drop CHECK
hating on the hating CHECK
videogame and or comic book reference CHECK
organized verse pertaining to one concept...
Track Name: BVTTXRFLY HVNDZ ft. Illy-G

move like the man with the butterfly hands
move move like the man with the butterfly hands
Duck a couple uppercuts, throw a couple jabs
move move like the man with the butterfly hands

I move like the man with the butterfly hands
move move like the man with the butterfly hands
Duck a couple jabs so my uppercut lands
move move like the man with the butterfly hands

verse 1:

physically, politically
R-O-B and Illy-G
Bombay distilleries
kill wat
my mom enstilled in me
still i be acclaimed critically
rap religiously
graphite wizardry
mack like Icky be
lemme put it Simply
sizzurp, pizzurp, E
bitch i pitch epiphanies

they screamin fuck you
but they cant fuck with me though
keep it funky fresh
like junkies in tuxedo’s

huh hah
they got the god with the shakes
like he saw god in da face
rob concentrate
hip hop innovate
got what it takes
saw a braud with some cakes
now we all gettin baked
we could all celebrate
jean grey in green Jay’s
grey jeans on her waist
in ya cognititve space
tipsy gettin pissy
like R Kelly’s dates

like hard-hitta mayfield
poised and progressin
beastie boy complexion
peep the boys selection
avoid that profession
man switch to a new sport
i pimp this like too short
keep it lit like a newport
from frisco to new york

Verse 2:

Roman smokin dabs
and he halfway delirious
who is that man with the mask so mysterious
car jack yo ass like fast and the furious
you assholes delirious
I mastered a myriad
illa rap
kill the cat like it’s curious
yo ass a actor
i’m a actual lyricist
laxative lyrics
factual, spirited
rap career peerin in
no pact with no pyramid
no Corleone
no chaperone steerin it
they can’t interfere with this
matter fact
pick a craft an adhere to it
practice all year with it
passionate fearless
zeros deleterious
that lavish luxurious
that status that
they shackle your heroes with
huh hah
watch a pattern appear in it

i don’t write hooks
i throw right hooks

i wish 2pac could sees us
seize a beat
and beat it up
eat it up
in the taquerias drunk
i’m re-in up

wrestled with a alligator
tussled with a whale
handcuffed lightning
throwed thunder in jail
Track Name: Falcon Kicks
take off
big bad motherfucker
shaft motherfucker
box cutter motherfuckers face off

nick cage john travolta
sober in a room fulla chronic smokers
middle fingers up on my wanted poster
im the spawn of hova like johnny sober
concepts raw like menage a toi’s
bad brauds with bras comin off there shoulders

am i bout it
man i doubt it

not like rob been dope
like a line a coc
sincea condom broke
and i swam out it

gotta throne made of thrones that i sit atop of
im gucci mane scout wocka flocka
drunk in the park off taaka vodka
beat the beat up no socem boppers

i gettin tha booth start shoutin shit
j’s so fly call em falcon kicks
wanna bes i call em malcovich
i'm bout this shit
i doubt your bitch
wont pout her lips
open her mouth and gimme calculus
im in the mix ima alchemist

yall countin shit?
yall counterfeit?
now you trippin
cant fuck this algorithm

how im livin? now im livin
Cure shirt
Blur shirt
Gucci mane says burr

im berserk
word to this murder merger
serve words murdered with fervor
sure to lure the bird servers
servin curbs like its gerber


i cap peel a mac miller
throwed ima yac spilla flask filler
still i feel i rap iller
know ima stak scrilla
flo zodiac killa

we really ready
facepalm kreayshawn, lil debbie
what that kid say?
man i put a candle on that bitch cake
im a basketcase
go batshit, ape,
fuck the game til the matress break
ima savage, yeah bitch that shit cray
Track Name: Castle Doctrine/Life During Wartime

AlfaKilo 47
same tool in the hands of the oppressed
as the hand of the oppression
well i guess theres got suppressors
suppressin fire
medics and led vests
an prior combat experience,
furious simulant stimulant aggression
a media to discredit your claims of conquest
and emergency contact carpet bomb that

toastin to peace improbable
grabbin at gross domestic product by the pocketful
prodigal, methodical
psychological warfare
subliminal, chemical
biological warfare
make the invaluable malleable, presidential salary full
no knowledge of nihilist diabolical forbears
cross bearers crucified on crosshairs

you catch tempo and catch temples
just to stretch bimbos in stretch limos?
i rush Rush limbaughs limo

this Full Metal Rappin
no chorus is a product, no verse a sales pitch
on some snail shit there is no prevailing
impale it let entrails drip
minin my mind on non violent resistance
sky is the limit
still you on some chem trail shit
nines bang i let my mind bang
youth follow suit
trials tame a childs brain
unfiled claws file fangs
rile troops pile loot
i think it’s bout time the time came

you learned what my reign’s named

i cum thought bubbles
uncircumsized brain
dime dames mamed

internal rhyme grind
slang internalized pain
of a time tamed
suicide stained mind frame
cane and fine wine waned
fire flame ya sires name
trained the same to die in vain
but i breathe life through your empires vains

(LIFE DURING WARTIME) Talking Heads cover:

Schubert, Mott, Sachi, Monkey Wrench Gang, Talking Heads,

Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons,
packed up and ready to go
Heard of some gravesites, out by the highway,
a place where nobody knows

The sound of gunfire, off in the distance,
I'm getting used to it now
Lived in a brownstore, lived in the ghetto,
I've lived all over this town

This ain't no party, this ain't no function,
this ain't no fooling around
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,
I ain't got time for that now

Transmit the message, to the receiver,
hope for an answer some day
I got three passports,
a couple of visas,
you don't even know my real name

High on a hillside, the trucks are loading,
everything's ready to roll
I sleep in the daytime, work in the nightime,
I might not ever get home

This ain't no party, this ain't no function,
this ain't no fooling around
This ain't no mudd club, or C. B. G. B.,
I ain't got time for that now

Heard about Houston? Heard about Detroit?
Heard about Pittsburgh, P. A.?

You oughta know not to stand by the window
somebody might see you up there
rigged tripwire
shotgun fire
for the footsteps climbing the stairs

I got some groceries, some peanut butter,
to last a couple of days
But I ain't got no speakers,
ain't got no headphones,
ain't got no records to play

Why stay in college? Why go to night school?
Gonna be different this time
meet at the checkpoints
download the bitcoins, just keep the mission in mind

This ain't no party, this ain't no function,
this ain't no fooling around
I'd like to kiss you, I'd love you hold you
I ain't got no time for that now

Trouble in transit, got through the roadblock,
blended in with the crowd”
We got computers, we're tapping the phone lines,
I know that that ain't allowed

We dress like students,
we dress like housewives,
or in a suit and a tie
changed my hairstyle,
so many times now,
I don't know what I look like

You make me shiver, I feel so tender,
we make a pretty good team
Don't get exhausted, I'll do some driving,
you oughta get you some sleep

Burned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks?
They won't help me survive
My chest is aching, and it burns like a furnace,
the burning keeps me alive

Get your instructions, follow directions,
then you should change your address
Maybe tomorrow,
maybe the next day,
what ever you think is best

Burned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks?
They won't help me survive
My chest is aching, and it burns like a furnace,
the burning keeps me alive
Track Name: Eviction Notice ft. Aaron Hernandez
I don't know anymore...
if I wanna live long like a cure song
bounce like beer pong
pure don
from my world champs to my sheer khans
they say music ain’t political
but hearin a song
could change how you feel that day
and in a sense you could heal that way
they're like "Rob your album sounds weird as fuck"
i say "yea cus im real that way"
i'm still a beast a wildabeast
fought the beast but i couldnt kill the beast
so its sealed in may
man i'm tired of cowards
but i never sleep on em
tired of tryna find a balance
hidin my talent just to be somethin
fight the power
ima put that mask on like miles morales

cough up a lung where im from
pitbull puppies
yuppie scum
they aint in the hood like cancer
smokin like it’s amsterdam
on point like katanas
throwd like....
jo montana
stolen montana cans rattlin
this city is a canvas
where a place to lay ya head
cost a arm a and a leg like megaman X
see me at a poetry slam
bite my lyrics
like im not gonna knock ya fuckin teeth out ya mouth
San Francisco
no body feels truly represented by our music
so insteada workin together
everybody gotta CD out
27 club
coffin school
underground like fossil fuel

as kids we’d ask
where we hoopin at
now we spit stupid raps
tryna shine like charizard card out the a booster pack
party hard
like andrew dub kay this summer
jus wait this summer
we gon rape this summer
drop that shit
word to all my golden gate bridge jumpers
and to those who unrighteously
pursue the almighty
to those who cut down the trees that sweep the clouds
i write haikus on nightly
random lights left on in the buildings downtown
become the teeth in my midnight’s mouth
across town
youngsters sit in the cold shakin
teeth chatterin
fire escape braces
memories are all i’m slangin
nickel bags of sand
from the parks you used to play in
where homeless get dimes for surviving claymore mines
bout the same as the attics
that claim to be veterans on cardboard signs
i spit that
young yakuza flo
in the studio
tryna blow like bazooka jo

third eye sockets get bloody like right pockets
movin through like juventube
bumpin siouxie sioux
deep down and dirty
i grew up hella early
hipsters out past 2 sippin
pabst blue ribbon
rips in blue denim
if i was gonna be a quitter
then i shoulda
been born witha softer head
off the head
while my role models roll models off there beds
grey goose sipper word to my new liver

our raw material be our raw material

tryna save these lil white kids from gettin pocket checked
while there parents gentrify the city
rip the electric jewelery off her neck

where its to absurd to want my music heard
theyd rather die at clubs then live at clubs
go chase scrill like ghost face kill did
when he was customizin clubs

and i aint’t here 2 fool ya folks
why i gotta be harder than arthur
super ghouls and ghosts

like why they front on me
i think its cus in front of me is where there girls undress
i hear “motherfucker” muttered under someones breath
im tryna be hospitable
but hospital bills will be higher than Hunter S.
this what the boy envisioned
i sware it took decades like joy division
sittin in prison
i’m just tryna materialize all this before me
said fuck em all like a orgy tho
flip it with that jeff hardy flo
my life a bitch
rap is just the maury show
R.B. w-o-r-d

shoutout 2 everyone whoze ridin
materialize anything my team dreams of
like theres a green screen behind em
stray lions
going insane
my last meal ringin it’s cup
up and down my rib cage
got yay on my house key an
unlock the front door
and the knob started bleedin

no plates, cups were yoplait

bronchitis tonsilitis
that can’t speak blues
can’t swallow water, can’t eat food
can’t open my mouth wide enough to brush my teeth
it hurts to much to sleep through

glow in the dark heart
nothing to absorb light from
night come
stars falling into the ocean
saltwater destroying their night vision

jars of baby food for nourishment
encouragment in syringes

newports destroyed my tonsils
the bedbugs got me
depression got me seeing clouds
tryna stain the eyes im seein out of
me and cookiepuss
sleepin on
ABC no rio couches

eatin the free matzah the factory next door gave us

in my bath tub
my momma burnin flowers in spoons to fill my bath up
Track Name: Twenty Five ft. Donye West

Sometimes I wonder
If i'll make it past 25
cause most of these days I don't want to be alive
Sometimes I wonder
If i'll ever make it past 30
with my worst enemy standin so close to me (x2)

Robin Black:

Drowned my memories in Hennessy
cried and cried through my enemies eyes
manifest destiny
weapons sent from the skies
so you never see 25
you survive
your sentenced in the penitentiaries life
rich wage war
poor fight but never side
to never come together
never pleasure never pride
never whatever
never high never low
miseducated my generation
gentrification to genocide
hide your soul
so you never find the truth
mind control to hide the heaven
the devil never knew
was inside of you
7:42 alarm clock ringin
2pac singin
"Do for love" what I wouldn't do
she naked on the bed standin up
tellin me to eat a breakfast of champions
she feel me like Helen Keller but I could tell that she's shifty
the rhetoric: never let a bitch Elliot Smith me
Track Name: Gladiator School ft. Davy Droman, Ickymack
Robin Black:

fourth quarter
scoreboard contorter
Door to door war endurer
lord implorer
fortress stormers
4 door porsche floorer port pourer aura
tape recorder glory hoarder
keyboard story border
newport scorer
since i was bouta fourth shorter
jansport sporter
a poor sport, ronin warrior,euphoria
thesaurus sorcerer
sorta bored of quarter storers
that assure adorers short orders
spots you could score more of
hop you could snort more of
false drawers
and floorboards for a
police force court ordered
sure ta floor tha ford explorers
if ya short a quarter
guilty for tha juror saw ya
horrorcore corridor tourer
44 for ya
chloroform tha former form
of corner store cornered 40 pourer
every morning,
mourning more and more of
lifes a bitch
until you think upa betta metaphor for her
divorce ahora for a rita ora or a
floral jordan sporter smellin like sephora
I’m on some foreign shore, floor decor
water clearer then a mirror
see the starfish on the ocean floor
this what you endure a war for
you at home ignorin wars
im on warpath
i want it back i want it back
the robin black
i let the world have
Track Name: Year of the Dragon

d to the game
d to the names
ima feed em the pain

to the beat
to the street
to the hennessy
to the weed
to the e
to the key shot

to the c.d. drop

like i got the keys to a 3 dot

like it be the key to a g spot
street sharks eager to eat
sleep with the beef
see the p pop
she bop like c laup

bops bebop
when i beatbox
he bop bops
like he cop drops
he hot like he drop cops
peep when they sleep
in a jeep
and the beat drop
hot wen the reaper creepin to peep
pop pop dot ah


I was born in the year of the dragon
like bruce lee and brandon
man u see me scramblin
producin and loopin and samplin
who’d have imagined
pursuin passion
manuever and manage your words into action
work it’s demanding

verse in a hearse
burn up the verse
n emerge from it’s ashes

studio absent
jewelery absent
no clue how to master

from the roota to the toota
to the computer crashes
we lose it
we lose it
we reboot it back up

students attuned
when i’m tutoring classes

despite the lack of assets
ima captivate the masses
ain’t gon fabricate the facts
man ima craft a classic
or lay em flat on their asses

just one more
like a crack attic last hit
stretch out the work like i'm Mr. Fantastic
polish and practice, volume to the max
feels like im walkin
on volcanic ashes
cross burnt bridges with
dug up hatchets
gotta hack up all theses back stabbin bastards
u dug thru the crates i dug up the caskets
look through the glasses
of a bad mamma jamma
in a black bandana
in a black van bumpin rap from atlanta
and i be tha cat’s pajamas

i was shown the ropes until i rope-a-doped
now i unholster toast and coaster cokes
from coast to coast
that northern California morning
to the Hoboken snow

what’s up with the album?
why you laggin on that
i been damagin tracks with elaborate raps
i could be the xanax to your panic attack


dean and sara
loretta and aaron
and aaron and aaron
adele jo and marian
both of my parents
bobby jo
brandon santiago
patience, johnny ray
reynaldo cayetano
gary halford
noah, gloria yamato
jessica jackie
genesis jamie
emma cammy,
don sam and gabby
indiana annie
primo licy
dd gigi
bri bri cc
cosmo, trono gerber, steve
wishnia n finley
peggy dessi
nic jesse reggie
antoinette, vinny
brandon, samra
allonte, and timon
jase a mase manny
shauntelle and christian
hozy james
adel johnny
dame, grace lum,
dlocz jari
dreus dominique, sally, robbie
chad zack, zak
jack bobby
boom, mark dacquisto
nigel rome watsky,
daniel, david, jasmine,
mark, jj,
lumi, sebastian,
kathy gin, killa kev
jamie dewolf, erika kent,
illy, milta, greg,
josh healey, ben turner
nicole nicky,
bizy, kit
casey, scout, simeon
jose luis,
luba, bob, vadi
aedn, dale, analise

Track Name: Perish in Paris

Window for heroes
and heroines narrowin
scared of bein burried in
a barren bored authoritarian
mortuary that i sware we unaware we in
utilitarian parryin
Meryl Lynchin
americans marriage with aryan arrogance is
paraffin in my keratin
identity crisis like Erik Erikson
paired with our parents perishin
presents a present so nightmarish and harrowing in comparison
that we parry our prayers
to various variants of heirophants
we dont even care where
these chariots carry us
just spare us disparagement
from unmerited tariffs,
the derelict careless sheriffs barell
and the hertics lariat
and make sure our heir apparent is their to inherit the narrative
cuz that shit I prepared
is doper than squares of maryland heroin
standin bare in the barricks

Gun in your hand like Barret
but i just don’t care
like american parents
you can’t measure my merit in karats
holding the hair of a heiress
on the terace as ferile as ferrets
they’ll parrot my peril
til i perish in paris


Halt ya ultra-violence
cocaine caramelizes
monopolized minds with all the rhymes
you decided to personify crime in
homogenized homicide harmonizin
i was fathered by it
i looked into my fathers eyes with martyrs eyes
hell had cauterzed
traumatized i sought his guidance
he said i hadn’t seen that what the world has to offer eyes
is priceless

I summarize 2 sides
like geminis
gutter like Pennywise
and im enterprisin
haters plood pressure rizin,
unfinished buisness between you and I
and you can’t hide on jekyll island

I fantasize
seein out of a revolutions eyes
romanticized the event of my demise
mai tai’s to the skies
tie dyed eyes til my high dies
still i rise
like a high rise
the mission economized
music commodified
everybody high as the price of some carne asada fries
everybody rap bout gettin brains and everybody still sound lobotomized
commas sodomized my city
so please tell these condescending fucking rappers that they really really really
do not want it with me

the ruler’s back, Robin Black

and we could swig some liquor
hope you brought ya lighter with ya
shit i might just light a swisher
til the fire from the pyre of a fire spitter flickers
Track Name: *(BONUS) No one Cares
No One Cares If You Succeed or Fail: Why I Walked 500 Miles... Barefoot: By Julien Smith

There are some lessons you can learn from the comfort of your couch– maybe watching a great video on Youtube or chatting with friends.
But there are other lessons that come hard. Here is one of them. But first, some background.
My girlfriend and I just walked 800 kilometers (500 miles) along the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a 1000-year-old pilgrimage route. We did it in Vibram Fivefinger shoes– basically barefoot– on gravel, dirt road, and pavement. 35 days is what it took to complete.
In case you’re wondering, walking 6-8 hours a day across gravel, pavement, and dirt roads for a month hurts– sometimes, it hurts a fucking lot.
Some people were on beaches for their vacations, but we started Day 1 with a 4,500 foot climb up the Pyrenees. Other days involved walking 20 miles in the cold, rain and mud. Yet others were on blistering plateaus with no shade for up to 6 hours at a time. A casual stroll, this was not.
Why would someone choose to do this? Maybe, like John F. Kennedy famously said, we want to do them “because they are hard.” Maybe we are trying to prove to ourselves that we can do it, or to have an amazing experience. We all have our reasons. Some are more insane than others.
There are also some paths that you can get off of. Others, you can’t. You’re midway through and you want to finish, at all cost. You’re hurt and cynical and part of you wants to quit, but the other part of you wants it more than ever.
Why are we doing these things, anyway? Is it for approval? Do you want to be famous? Do you think that if you just get a little bigger or do something cooler, everything will be great and everyone will love you? Then you’re going to get extremely disappointed by life.
No one actually cares whether you succeed or not.
Consider the simple finish line.
Chris and I were talking the other day about marathons. Finishing means excited fans throwing Gatorade on your head or whatever. They’re excited and they cheer you on and hand you protein bars. They give you a little medal. Maybe you stand on a pedestal or something. You feel briefly invincible.
Most finish lines are not like this at all. Not a single person is waiting there to cheer you to the end. No one will change their vision of who you are. No one will love you more– in fact, if they do, run away, because that’s probably not a great person.
Midway through our 800km trip, we had this realization. Doing hard things for the approval or love of others is stupid. No one can understand, much less relate, to these kinds of things.
Only those that do it have a way of understanding. We heard this from our fellow walkers who had done it before. You would get back, people would listen, but no one could truly get it. The more marginal the experience, the more normal this is.
To fight this, they say, you get together with those that have done the same. Only then can you relate. Other people just nod their heads and say “cool,” then move on to talking about the Royal Couple or something.
It’s like being in a time warp. You get back home and, for them, nothing happened.
At first, this is depressing. “I did this epic thing and no one really cares.” But it isn’t that they don’t care at all– it’s that there’s no way for them to understand the epicness of the experience. The experience is unique and spans a week, a month, a year, or whatever, and it can’t be distilled into one sentence. It’s like a joke. You had to be there.
You should be grateful for this.
We are in a mass media culture where everything is broadcast for everyone to see. Often, we actually advocate doing so– but there are other things we can’t relate to at all, that can never be presented in a mass media fashion.
This means there’s a chance the experience may be truly different.
But if no one can relate, what does that mean? Well, to others it means that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve done it at all. It also doesn’t matter to them if you succeed or not. They won’t think of you differently.
Basically, you should stop doing stuff to impress people.
There’s no point in doing anything except for the value of the experience itself.
I’ve seen the same with regards to accolades, such as the phrase New York Times bestseller being attached to your name. People nod, there’s sometimes a brief acknowledgement, and then nothing. It might advance your career or something, but not much else. It’s not like people will like you for it if you’re an asshole. On a personal level, it changes nothing.
Yet people continue to search for professional success, or epic experiences, in order to extinguish their crushing inferiority complexes. But this is stupid and it doesn’t work.
True respect doesn’t come from accolades, so don’t try to get it there. Try being awesome to each other instead. (I swear to God that should be a blog post. Maybe I’ll do it.)
Look, we don’t need any more drones. There is no need for yet another person with a useless degree or another miserable doctor or lawyer who’s in it for the money or the prestige. We don’t need any more people hedging their bets or being safe.
We don’t need followers. We need leaders who will bring us where we need to go. In other words…
Change the world or go the fuck home.
I was hanging out with a couple from France yesterday who just moved to Montreal. They were seriously bewildered at how easy it is to change careers in Canada/America. In France, you don’t have that. when you choose what you’re going to study, that’s what you do for the rest of your life.
Imagine an 18 year old deciding for you, at your age, what you’re going to do. It’s insane. I’m about to turn 32, so let me tell you, I’d like to change my mind from time to time. But these French people can’t do that– their education defines their career path.
Some things cannot be reversed. If you’re lost in the woods, as I was one day last month (long story), there really is no choice. The only way out is to go through, and that’s a very bad thing. No exit strategy, no way to quit. You have to continue forward until you’re done. This is very depressing.
All of us are on quests in one form or another. Some can be quit, while others cannot.
If you’re on the path to something you’re pretty sure you don’t want to be doing, may I suggest you fucking stop immediately? Because you are wasting your life.
You will die, no one will care, or even know, about all the suffering you went through. The money you’ve accumulated will go to ungrateful descendants who never suffered and it’ll all have been for nothing.
So you have two options. Double down or get the fuck out.
How to take control of your life again
Welcome to the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure section of the post!
Option 1. Due to my infinite wisdom, you have now gratefully decided you need to get the hell out of your current situation. You’ve decided it’s pointless and that you’re going to die anyway, so you might as well make a difference in this world or at least be happy on your current path.
Congratulations. It’s time to double down.
A personal anecdote here might help. I recently realized (more like “accepted”) that it is possible that I have “a voice.” People have been telling me this for a long time, but I never really took it seriously before. Now I accept it, and I’m happy about it. Naturally, it also means I have to work way the hell harder than I did before since I’ve decided it’s something I actually want to do. I’ve decided to double down. How?
Well, in order to practice painting, many artists copy Old Masters drawings to help them understand what these great painters did. (It’s actually quite common practice.) So, my first act of insanity is inspired by Hunter S. Thompson. As he once did once a long time ago, I will open up Moby Dick for the first time, go to the first page, and procede to copy the entire book word for word.
This, of course, is totally ridiculous, perhaps pointless or insane. I agree. But like a month of walking 800km, there is no way to understand the experience but to walk it. And I am willing to waste a month doing this, if that’s what it takes. Even if it’s pointless.
You will need a personal act of insanity. If you’re going to continue and become the best in the world, you must have one. You must prove yourself to the mountain with a sacrifice. And this is the time.
Choose now. Make the sacrifice. See what happens.
Option 2. Congratulations on quitting the useless shit in your life. As Seth Godin once said in The Dip, if you’re not going to be the best in the world, get the hell out. Glad we agree. It’s time to admit you are wrong and quit.
Most of the problem with cutting your ties lies in loss aversion, and nothing more. We have so much trouble because we think that if we break up our long-term relationship, or quit our shit job, we’ll never find anyone again. This is totally nuts, but we believe it anyway.
We’re afraid of never getting anywhere again.
We think we’re lucky, not smart.
We have a feeling that this is as good as it gets.
You know, one day I’m going to tell the story about this trek and I’m going to say it’s for fucking pussies. I’m going to say it’s the easiest thing in the world. I will be that strong, and I know this.
I think that’s the difference. That’s something you need to believe in order to quit and still have your self-esteem with you. You need to realize that it’s a quest, and that quitting the things that don’t matter will give you vision and a better sense of context.
But for now, it was hard. Really hard. There’s absolutely no way for me to explain that to people– and I’m fine with that.
The same should be true with you. Do epic shit. Quit the mundane. Do it for yourself, and let people be confused. Who cares.
Prove yourself to the world, and eventually, the rest will fall into place.
Track Name: **(BONUS) Movies ft. Donye West
Robin Black:

Seven Samurai
Mullholland Drive
Space Jam
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Return of the Jedi
Ghost World
Winters Bone
Hustle and Flow
Ninja Scroll
Aguirre Wrath of God
Tree of Life
Life aquatic
The Karate Kid
Paid in Full
Fox and the Hound
Millers Crossing,
To Kill a Mockingbird
Lost boys
Enter the Void
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Smartest Guys in the Room
Girl on the Bridge
the Philosopher Kings
Dark Days
13 Assassins
the Great Happiness Space
the Weatherman
Pan’s Labryinth
Slumdog Millionaire
American Pimp
American Prometheus
The Bicycle Thieves
Let the Right One In
36 Chambers of Shaolin
Inglorious Bastards
Invention of Lying
Old Boy
V for Vendetta
The Shining
Napoleon Dynamite
The Frighteners
Kite Runner
Remember the Titans
Punch Drunk Love
Black Swan
Citizen Kane
Rumble in the Bronx
The Good the Bad the Ugly
Hurt Locker
City of God
Good Will Hunting
Moonrise Kingdom
Si Nombre
The Thing
Blade 2
Synecdoche New York
Summer of Sam
Silence of the Lambs
District 9
Menace to Society
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Princess Bride
Style Wars
Lucky Number Slevin
The Prestige
Love and Basketball
Pulp Fiction
Kung Fu Hustle
Nightmare Before Christmas
Paths of Glory
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Blade Runner
Putney Swope
The Truman Show
Princess Mononoke
The Following
The Exorcist
25th hour
Escape From Alcatraz
Maltese Falcon
Malcolm X
Being John Malkovich
American History X
Dawn of the Dead
Homeward Bound
The Ballad of Jack and Rose
O Brother Where Art Thou
Happy Gilmore
Garden State
Boyz N the Hood
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
The Deer Hunter
5 Broken Cameras
A Huey P. Newton Story
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3 10 to Yuma
Fern Gully
Army of Darkness
Wages of Fear
Dangerous Minds
Big Lebowski
Last Samurai
The Ring
Beyond the Mat
Michael Clayton
World’s Greatest Dad
Dead Presidents
The Matrix
The Collector
The Incredibles
Cast Away
Child’s Play
Spirited Away
South Central
There Will Be Blood
Blood in Blood Out
Dr. Strangelove
Fight Club
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Rules of Attraction
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Mighty Ducks
Angela’s Ashes
Groundhogs Day
Cocaine Cowboys
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze
Omega Man
Alice in Wonderland
Searching for Sugarman
No Country for Old Men
The Corporation
Black Dynamite
John Dies at The End
Gosford Park
Art of the Steal
Gran Torino
Baller Blockin
Joes Apartment
Seventh Seal

.....Under The Skin