by Robin Black

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I don't own anything and this tape is FREE.

Executive Producers: Robin Black, Dale Smith

Features (in order of appearance)

Dennis Kim

Special thanks to Anna Marinenko's "Nature and Noise: Photography" series

Special thanks to Hans Jenny "This is not an unregulated chaos; it is a dynamic but ordered pattern."


released May 16, 2016

Recorded and Edited by Robin Black and Dale Smith
Mixed and Mastered by Dale Smith



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The End of ILL I RISE (Episode 14+15)
My name is Robin Black....

I came here to kill it
when i left it was dead
I burned up the body
I severed the head

the clowns back
the crown
the soundtrack about it
I know the game
my bones and veins
wrap around it
wire tap your town
rap i doubt it
i shouted it out loud
out n about town
now it’s
jus a countdown away 4, 3...
dap ya down

i dont really know how
(i really don't)
but i found away

The Shining superimposed
who dispute the devotion?
prose in the hue of home
cue the future implodin

i do this for you, i hope that you know
my smile is toothless
cause the truth is
i chose, to
old and train you
the dojo
ya came to
what ya dont
kno explained to

you to change the way you
view the pain
remain who you became
to stay the same you
rue the day you lose ya way
ya knew you’d stray
so made me make you

ghost in the shell flow
reboot it back up,
backed up the computer,
now we lose no more tracks bruh

i Came to this table
hated, fated to fail

avail stalemates
what i state aint for sale

my failsafe failed
had faith i'd prevail

now they chasin my tail
at the pace of a snail

reach beyond Light like ultraviolet rays
a smile faker, inner child savior, pilot Eva
why noray i say
cryin at ya grave
in my mind i try and find a way to save ya
what i try and say
my silence stays awake fa
why fight fate or ?
pile paper or ?

wide eyed dilator
why die later?

why’d i wait for
it to be to late....
Track Name: New Game Plus/Return Fire

Here was a kid with his act down pat
from zero to hero in no time flat
young Michael Jack
can’t micromanage that
no slack for no Jo Jack
ya get ya daddy smacked

knick knack paddy wack
big black caddillac
when it come to rhymin on the track
yo i gotta knack

notebook passage
no look passes
no hooks
i’m focused
i won’t just cash in

mad scientist witha fat client list
tight knit type of clique
that i transpire with
just to maintain this shit
Champagne in my piss
and i ain’t changed a bit

dropped my first tape
they want the kid to retire
no hard copies
it was physically fire

San Francisco you know i’m talking to you
never take an L
i gotta walk to the zoo (stupid)

Robin Black
kill ya leaders free ya followers
BIG said "it was all a dream"
a dream isn’t all it was

i been fightin all night and day
with my mentor’s torches
to light my way

angels circlin
the pain resurfacin
venom circulatin
through the veins of the murmurin
vermin in the game that affirmative we murderin
turnin in what we learned
to journey further in

the raptures pastures
with the pastors bastards
lacquered plaques
above the shackled hackers

i’m imaginin me up
in the Oracle arena
layin it down like a portable machine gun

how the same mothafuckas
who be shruggin at my dreams
study and steal
the style and rhyme schemes

tryna pretend like the shit don’t get to me
inspirin the same people who never accepted me

and you aint even gotta purchase it
back in the lab recordin slaps
like child services

you don't want the years
of work that i put in
the tears of hurt that i couldn't hide
behind my pride
you don't want a momma that you couldn't find

you want the respect that i have today
but you don't want ya homies to pass away
you don't wanna save you throw the cash away
you just want the praise you want the accolades

you try to hold me back but i gotta go to class
i ain't bullshittin so i gotta go to pass
first i gotta go to english then i gotta go to math
and i didn't get the syllabus i gotta go back (Fuck)

financially, physically
academically, artistically

tryna pull more out of me
earn more
learn more
burn more calories

i wanna be a better rapper
bump the tape hope your day is better after
robin black...second chapter

watch me outrap em
watch i got em so shook
dale play the beat i got 100 fuckin notebooks


back in the day
we’d go play
parappa the rapper, bushido blade

i guess that’s
why i am
a grammar enamored man
with the banner of my samurai clan
in my hand

look down on me?
kid you couldn’t get high enough
i strolled in this game
soaked in Goliath blood

some call me from jail
some call me the man
ya kno i get throwd
like a ball in a hand

i stepped on the court
still haven’t felt the bench
don’t judge me by first album
judge me by my tenth

i’m the one
it’s so clear i am
thought i couldn’t come harder that
and here i am

sometimes i wonder
will i make it past 30
when ya comin hella clean
they wana do ya hella dirty

but take a look back at what got me right here
it was swallowin pride
it was vomitin prayer

afraid of ya fallacies
a slave to ya salaries
we in this together Now
No savior mentalities

cus back at Mission high
shit was mission impossible
2 tapes in
now i’m fuckin unstoppable

true to yourself
i really urge you to be
since i just self actualized the thousandth version of me

i’m through with just dreamin
I’m movin with meanin
cus now i got somethin
for you to believe in

he mocks me?
man can he not see?
wannabe’s wanna be where
my feet got me

blood in the ring
crowd squirmin in their seat
cus im about to show victory
all i learned from defeat
Track Name: Centralia (Hip Hop Hooray)
from the jump like Geronimo
i just feel phenominal
word to my momma cuz
im on like the honor roll im on
im on a roll
put it down like dominos,
ima calm the drama like the palm muhhamad hold
with no coc or liquor,
no O’s or figures
i just under promised watch me over deliver
cause you bozos know i’m cold like a Hoboken winter
in those clothes with those holes only homies remember
i seen hopes and dreams
turn into dope and beams
turnta tropes and schemes, turnta dope MC’s
turn to me
cus i’m tryna cope and cultivate
im tryna motivate us
i’m tryna flow
like ocean waves over notebook pages
no i don’t know what fame is
but what i wrotes outrageous,
quote it so i know i made it

so sing it if ya know it
and ya know i know ya know it


it's the R-O-B-I-N
flowin like im neckless
no necklace needed
jus take the flow and freeze it
freeze the flow and wear it
the people know
it’s ether so
they don’t even care if
the lyrics on the sheet
that i speak
meet and merit
the beat i need to eat
i mean the need to eat a beat
i mean the CD fee is free
still see me treat my parents
still see me keep my bearings
defeat it be the key to me
seekin greener scenery
like therapy to share it
scared to be compared to me
they scared to be embarrassed
any emcee unaware of me has clarity to cherish
Herakles to Pharisees
fares, fees and tariffs
carefully i bury care free adversaries arrogance
vocabulary varies with no generic narrative
through all the wear and tear
keep my sincerity apparent as...

R-O to the B-I-N
Pineapple juice to the G-I-N

in the mind of the youth like adderal is
off top, male pattern baldness

i'm bout it bout it
ima be wilin
while in stylin like im andre 3000

if it isn't frisco
must be brooklyn
punched the game in the face when it wasn't lookin

I ain't even worried
you could take a shot like Stephen Curry

i think yiddish
dress british


f with us

school em like Columbine
shine this lil light of mine
til it extinguish

i looked off in lectures
took off semesters
shook off professors
left schoolbooks on the dresser

despite our predecessors best effort bet
we left the records wrecked
squares shook like an etch-a-sketch
bird echelon thats nothin to second guess
metal gear rex teks
tex mex for breakfast

commitment to excellence
work ethic perplexin perfectionists
concepts fleshed out like a pent house
just walked in but i'm feelin like the best out

gotta keep it movin
every new day dearer
so i'm startin with the man in the 2 way mirror

used to get one check
i did my best to budget
now i'm hoppin on a plane to the Czech republic......
Track Name: Room Service ft. Davy Droman
I got chemical imbalances
vexin my exo skeleton
it’s never been so challengin
than how it is now its been
down and out poutin
blackin out from downin gin,
HAL 9000 power trippin
clam chowder powder bingin
thousand miles per hour zippin
thru doubt and uncertainty
outright fallacy
reality virtually
nostalgia commercially
the sound of empowerment
watered down with
conflicting accounts
of encountering currency
serve you cowards like courtesy
serve you like a kitchen counter
get disemboweled or devoured
ditched,disavowed or deflowered
dissed and discounted
but proud of it
cause it grounded
the shit we spittin now
to the hits
shittin out on tha bitch asses that classified
my passion as asinine
last of it cause im

im thinkn bigger than big out the body bag
and body anybody
think they big enough
to embody that

so have hip hop hate me like anything feminine
but i can do more than emulate eminem and them

ya’ll mothafuckas think ya sermons perplex me?
like i aint been on stage with Sherman Alexie...


Heat my folgers
greet my mornings pourin
mai tai’s
like hov and tah tah
I crane kicka cobra kai guy
fly by
treasure better weather
has a jet set ever
had a breakfast better?
best bet france and then uh
next up mecca

postcards from Maui Waui
wow we wowed the nation
wildn out and now we
out of wave runnas
pillow case oasis
out the shower flower fragrance
what ya kno bout fillin photo albums
up with smilin faces?

Leonitus we jus righteous
it jus feel like it
blue dream burnin
unique worded room service verses
peep the pina colada music
enthusiasts losin it
got em bobbin to it
nostrils leak the La Madrina

Reefa roastin
toast tequila
toast mimosas
smoke cohibas
punk puta policia
life a bitch grand odalisque her features
peep tha moleskin soaked in game
poetry be coca leafy
know ya see me
and i know ya know
the name

i'm lookin like Ewan Mcgreggor in a room full of treasure
treasurin the studio time that i get
come through, hooks in my hand like a motherfuckin pirate

i'm tryna be shakespeare, ya'll bathin in drake's tears
i snatch ray bands off the fake fans and get props like a stage hand
bossin like vince swaggin like shane mcmahon

a lil purp stankin and theres no stoppin him
keep it ben franklin on one like george washington

get stupified get super high
i'm bouta come harder than bill clinton unsupervised

i strive to keep the vibe alive
beaten despised
weakened but deep inside wise
pimp peep the pride in my sleep deprived eyes

i got 3 ho's keep it lit like christmas
album ain't mixed but i bet the chick i'm with is
Track Name: Red Monkey

DJ Panopticon

like how that look?
a mac
wit a mic
and a macbook
can’t write in my black book
that’s like a matchbook
ash on the tracks that i pushed back
fulla black soot
bics like backwoods
pass that good
don’t look so surprised rob rap that good
you know how many daps that last rap took
suicide, how many cats that took?
so fulla life
do you know how it feels
when you look em in the eyes
and they lack that look?
the fuck you got to laugh at?
with ya wack ass E.D.M. trap hooks
in ya hash tag hood
want the cash that they can’t tax?
want what ya can’t have?
finna fire facts at a facist fat flatfoot cast sack
packed like like a amtrak fulla anthrax and


stash joog
ask jack jook
i asthma attack hooks
tracks like shaq foot
leave shaq shook
like half way crooks
rack lackin rooks
lack a stack of books
tired like a black cadillacs feet
and if ya ask me
who cooked cracks in the crack cooks street
i always feel like somones watchin watchin
so take a good look at me
don’t look so unhappy
i took a few addies
at ease
not me
rookie of the year
fingers in her *****
sumn mushy in my ear

ass all pent up
back all bent up
adderol in em
and that’s all venom
and with that momentum
and eminem famous
red monkey denim look mamma we made it

so this the young mans perspective
im a rider like my last ambulance
word to the reflection in the camera lens

r-o-b wit a 40 to squeeze
sober please
im in this bitch like ovaries

pop mollys
like the pack pop ollies
mollywhop like stunnaman
stunna shades like protoman
2pac holigrams

young american bastard
yea the malls and the misery
take scape goats throats
and callin that a victory
then callin that history
this the shit we be rewritin
wizard prince viking
on a purple prince bike writin vicodin

check me out
no check me out

gods favorite
cross faded
til im crucified on a cross faded
word to the chrysler i jus got laid in

bitches with big asses
thicker than euro's glasses

killa cali milton bradley
game spitter
in yo hood like we wearin the same sweater

enter the dragon braggin rights
pimp hand, IP Man
still i grab tha knife like samson wife


i see alot of old faces and i see some new
and i truly appreciatte that...

internal rhymin journal giant
unconcerned if clients
burn or buy it

hope that my i hope that my fam there
that kenshin himura, that batosai the manslayer


workin on a thesis
to convert the non believas
stay up out the hood like circumsized penis

ya know we don’t stop
goin to the top
if we hit rock bottom then we start doin squats

this here means the world to me


been grindin
been refinin my skills
Hope the lyrics ya’ll bitin turn to cyanide pills

so damn bitter
but your no damn quitter
i hope these motherfuckers get it through their neurotransmitters

All the samples mixed
and all of the bars wrote
we toast champagne
n swallow cigar smoke

now i ain’t peaking but
speaking up
got me eatin peking duck
sleep on silk sheets next to big old puerto rican butts
what the check say?
what respect say?
luis v
louis c. k. wit a SK

bitch i’m fly like a spiderweb
money in the cuts
multiplyin like a hydra head

designin my rhymes like
i’ma try for 5 mics
tongue twisters on the mic be dyke-like

what im bout to do
you cant undo for years
dress the truth in pop music, let it run through your ears

whether you wana analyze it
or you wanna zone
i’m goin harder than ya whole crew on my own


verb on my noun
verb verb on my noun
verb on my noun

verb on my noun
verb verb on my noun
verb on my noun til im world renowned


enablers, failures
claimin that they saviors
ho’s wit nose fulla iggy azalea

fuck tha turn up
that you thought youd earn a buck with
n fuck turnin up on some superficial fuck shit

commercia lshit will spike your inner ear fluid
still you revere, still you adhere to it
don’t let anybody tell you different
they supersede what you believe ta sell you widgets

the Chaos math the apocalypse tax
the fire footsteps across a gasoline path

oh some say its bullshit
minute long sample in front of vulnerable shit

disc jockeys jockin it / real mothafuckaz coppin it
tryna live my life like the “death of sardanopolus “

donny warned ya all but you didn’t listen
i feel yall music
but i feel no competition

hak puey
rattlesnake venom
lil mothafuckas still slashin at my tendons

i almost wish i could let ya’ll chill
but i’m goin for the kill
so ice skate up hill

gillie suited til we looted, still improvin
i keeps it movin like a drive by shootin

nothin to lose, you think i care about drama now
turn my shit up loud when you drive passed...
Track Name: NY Datamine/Wreck of the Titan
he was tryin to tell me "you aint shit, you aint doin shows"
and i jus told him "you ain't shit, and you ARE doin shows"


Stocky sake sipper
in knock off versace slippers,
shinin like body glitter
on a stripper
with the disc jockeys jockin it
like aubrey plaza topless
asophagus apocalypse
metropolis populus
i be that off pitch prophet
lockpickin, pick pocket,
rings and wristwatches
hot shit ya caught with,
you get picked off quick
the hava-nots ragnarok,
the masterpiece yall sleepin on
piano keys im creepin on,
drop like robert oppenhemier
just to rock designer,
i be that wicked rhymer with the china
sippin forties,
first i sniff a line
then get behind the thickest shorty
on fire like bomb ass buddha in rolled joints
i slither like a dragon
in a room full of gold coins,
a lucrative
music biz
that you could jus go join
lootin the youth
and they dupin the dopeboys,
stoop for a suit
and you get couped up like old boy,
im comin through the motherfuckin roof of ya rolls royce


I know reality shows you
better than reality shows do

like Zorro i'ma carve an "R" in it......

cultures in the garbage
ya'll jus vultures in the carcass
party starters that had to barter with barbers
turnt bacardi marketers
bargainin martyrs
and i sware to god
all ya'll are heartless
and i don't give a fuck (not particularly)
crucify me on Mcdonald’s arches

Washington thats smoke and mirrors
Hollywood thats coc and mirrors
all i’ve ever known are open ears and broken spirits

diary of dark summers
paint chippin at the activism that the art covers

broken promise land
get smoked on a body cam
for a god damn
marijuana gram

livin the dream?
you live in a dream
this Alan Turing cracking
the enigma machine

Gore vidal with a 40 cal
Julius caesar in a pool full of ether

and it's oh so apparent when i flow O’s of heroin
JFK with a jackie O and a Marilyn

I unlearn their truth
there burden of proof
when they murderin
Ferguson youth

so go messiah complex
my entire context
man i been frightened
but now i’m enlightened

mothafuckaz wana be oscar winners
I’d rather be Oscar Schindler
Guns out the 3d printer

buy and sell religion
your god is television
see you were pacified
and told you’d self actualized

brain washed, sold divinity
phone, computer, wifi
ya holy trinity

i’m living in a world
that commemorates Fascists
an emulates madness to stimulate status

politics of an insane culture
the left wing
the right wing
the same vulture

while internet buffering
while lil kids sufferin

Track Name: Insomnia ft. Ickymack
shut the fuck up im bouta say hella tight shit
watch me hit the mic with the mayweather right wrist
i don’t need a gimmick, I breathe it i live it
I seen it, i did it,
weep when i sleep and relive it
i got grief in my grimace
sink my teeth into critics
still leap into beef
still beef into business

i am currently who the fuck i worked to be
i hope you weren’t talkin shit you got alot of words to eat

they think they slick
these mothafuckas not foolin me
they album so pretentious
should come with a film school degree

huh hah
you really want it from me take it
i dick my girl to sleep n then i count my money naked

more on my plate
more hate more envy
ILL I RISE i got 20 more in me
you don’t understand it but your friend that rap does
bead of sweat down his forehead
dog i'm really that good

shout out to Haime man
Porkbun Julian
any show i rock
you know it’s cool for you to come thru to it

jump on stage and they all start wilin
forget half the verse
I gotta start freestylin

fire like a gunshot
fade away jump shot
since when?
bitch since Thizz Monk dropped

wouldn't be right here without that one cameo
Icky put me on but he probably wish he hadn't though

shut the fuck up im bouta say hella tight shit
watch me hit the mic
with that mayweather right wrist
i don’t need a gimmick, I breathe it i live it
seen it, i did it, weep
when i sleep and relive it
i got grief in my grimace
sink my teeth into critics
still leap into beef
still beef into business
i am currently who the fuck i worked to be
hope you weren’t talkin shit
ya got alot of words to eat

never intimidated
forever imitated
whether i end up demonized or assimilated

frantic and panickin as manic as anakin
or damaged like eric
when he caught craig and amber lynne

way back before i let em burn my arms up
before i showed em that
they cant harm us
scarred up and goin hard like teflon
now we that
cant be slept on

From New Mexico to Montana
to Minnesota to Colorado to Alabama

Far be it from me
to favor the paper
car seats littered with the innards of Garcia Vegas
i could picket with poets
i could parlae with playas
aint tryin to get to where im goin
man im already there

its the return of the dragon
you leanin, i'm learnin, you laggin
say word to my man put the purp in his hand
ya kno we got tha fire got the earth got the wind
that work is demandin
yall demandin the work
so we workin in tandem
network expandin
net worth expandin
creepin through the curtains rehearsin the anthems

cold days colder days in store
i done held up colder days on my shoulder blades before

grampas in chemo
everyday he in worst shape
it aint hard to tell who'll have cancer by the third tape

i can't just sit here cryin
i can't jus sit here cryin
i grew my wings to fly
so why do i just hide behind em

i can't just sit here cryin
i can't jus sit here cryin
i grew my wings to fly
so why do i just hide behind em
Track Name: Belshazzar's Feast ft. Illy-G
i live in the legend of Rome
sittin in heaven alone
no empathy shown,
no imagery honed
no sympathy sewn
into infantry clones
that edit the tone
of veterans letters to home
you memory foam
but i set it in stone
insects infestin ya phone
chemical dependency prone
work better alone
president prone
predator drone rhetoric known
subliminals thrown
and they enter ya dome
like kenneddy’s dome
did pleasantville homes
they sleep on me
cause i’m embedded in ya dome
til my teddy bears grown
with cubs of her own
illegible poems
defendants atone
discrepancy shown
n misery known
like Mehserle chrome
like sierra leone
n they pretend to atone
to invisible thrones
federal evidence negligence
legacies loaned
revenue growin
shoulda left me alone
shoulda let me do poems
now i let it be known
my enemies bones
detonated by phones
explode in your homes
extremities gone
reverie wherever we roam
resented the zone
that i went in and owned
now ya memories owned
you mentally owned
by invented unknowns


lookin like danny devito
with a grammy and a kilo

shut up the fuck bouta say hella tight shit
watch me hit the mic wit that kid dynamite shit

butterfly hands like
Bernard J. S. Cahill

inflated our egos
hopin to float above all that self hatred below

dale like at the fuks with all these samples
i cant pro tools it
cant produce it
so i had to give it to yall raw like folk music

was there a disc “one”?
or was it auditory hallucination
is there a disc “two”
or just a DISC1 Mutation?

on the precipice wit breakfast missin
precipice blessin blissin

how do yall manage?
get so high i take fall damage

that album took forever
yeah no shit bitch
but i got patience like mo risk rich

yah i got dough but ima save it up to
have my gear match like an asian couple

you could be on your nipsey hussle but ya chick wit me gettin her nipples suckled

i got the steeze
i jus got the piece
the thought police
forgot to seize

til we in wakiki
like y-e-e

is it a necklace or jus a buncha fireflies holden hands?

fake killas inspire real ones
fake thugs with real guns
dont even think of you as a challenger
you hinkley im salinger
Track Name: Con Man
articulate heartbreak
through memoirs of madness
Rambo with infinite ammo
vincent van gogh with the absence of absinthe

the prefix to what you see fit
i'm the twinkle in the eye Slick Rick can't see with

all the way from california
the way nina simone sung baltimore
the salt that poured from my cornea

i promise to go hard kiddo
til my bars get Omar Little'd

dice dancin, gamblin
they dolled up like mannequins
sleep on me like ambien
when you should kiss the ring like Manny's chin

the life lessons that didn’t scar him
a tattoo gun carved in
double crossed and bleedin
he said you can’t be the king
cuz the crown costs
upside down cross allegiance

empty unkempt empresses
salivate salvation
faith in question
peer in, tears swim in all the years that my face collected

where im from terror come

we worship burgers like hindus worship cows
puppets crowns
roll through there burnt down towns

oceans above pray
that the trash and waste will all drown
us one day

polar bears wash up in the harbor
Mickey Maus owns Marvel
no super heroes to save you
captain america Blackwater
the almighty dollar
fathers the father you pray to

Magneto’s parents were killed by Nazi’s for the second time around.

the world keeps on singing the same song
saddam hussein hung on my samsung
frauds messiahs and gods
cradle oil with fire arms

stare stupidly into defeat
hurricanes slap living rooms into the street

hand me down fall
flowers in guns
thieves bowing kissing rings
trying to pry the diamonds out with there tongues

tap water inspiration
children shed light like snakeskin

it’s gonna take more to save us,
young noriegas movin like ninjas
through bamboo thickets
my pride sinks into blue furadan sand
only spittin like
im dope as i think that he thinks that i am
he wonders if i can save the world and
it makes me think that i can

think its enough but it never is
cant be an angel in hell without getting your feathers singed

the poetry...the hobby
the articulation to drown in your own body
and still i live on
Ill like Kim Jong

forever like strawberry feilds
my repertoire still respected
cuban cigar smokin
like detectives in noir films

has it ever been sweeter?
sippin the cogn to get in the zone
to sit in the throne like tetsuo shima
but i'ma rep hard like tommy pickles rep reptar
on point like some raptor toes
crackin skulls like pistachios
cus we nuts all of us
peanuts almonds walnuts macadamia
many cat act deranged i crack your cranium
assassinate half the names
mack the dames
and pack the stadiums

dont stop where the truth is
i feel my cold blood boil
i seen halos become nooses

pair of ponderers
prepared for pirhanas with silencers
silently i stared at the monitor
apparently my apparel parallels violent talent
clarence bodikers
robocop officer revolver barrel swallower
sterilized palms like fare launderers attitude

where bay dons became the james bonds
of ganja conjurers and i aint mad at you

this the look on the preachers faces
the time that teachers wasted on artists
mothers of mission martyrs cry together
hopin heavens a consolation prize
knowin eyes put the constellations in the skies together

the doubt of my enemies
now is my energy
ya'll motherfuckers cowardly
outwardly, inwardly...
Track Name: Womb

Frustration, fear of failure
where Adam and Eve wear Monsanto leaves on genitalia
on every television station in this simulation of America

what police cars burnin for
what the people yearnin for

you’re not prepared to sell
they prepare a cell
get nails passed thru fists
and we cant seem to see a parrallel

we prioritized seperation instead
of thinking seven generations ahead

who fights who mourns
when both sides
promised victory to newborns

what would you die for
what would you kill for
we fight wars
to put up coca cola billboards

killas reelin in billions rapidly
counting money
on the graves of civilian casualties

when the torments dormant
yea thats the performance
you can’t have a peace symbol
just cus you broke
a swastikas arms and legs to form it

let me take a wild guess
it don’t feel like yo fulfilling your dreams
cut education
uneducated, you be come complacent
this ensures that your either cowards or killing machines

idealize lies
a grenade blew off both of his hands
nothing to romanticize
it was just another man
no g.i. joes no cobra command
no Iraqis no Americans
no freedom fighters no terrorists

mercy mercy me
bombs blow up the nurseries

evil learns from the past
as it eat its kids...
you know how they kill revolutions now?
they just let the leaders live

pledge allegiance
how long can you convince yourself that your heaven is
any realer then the native ones we buried beneath us

Imagine Dr. Kings speeches after he survived the bullet
John Lennon’s, Malcolms or Ghandi’s

Imagine if they sent Muhammad ali
To Vietnam
gave him flamethrowers AK’s landmines and napalm
push him out the helicopter “go and get your freedom on”

what i got in store
can’t be bought in stores
put the money next to the props i don’t want no more
what i see now is different than what i saw before
the world is a womb
and it’s miscarried gods before

fear mongers on the news
reporting hate mongers views

but this what you wanted
he who gets the paper
is he who writes history upon it

until lions write history books of their own
the hunter will always be the hero

now they're all my friends
and now they're all my peers
now they all pretend that they've been around for years
now they all got different stories to tell
how they loved me so much
how they knew me so well

powerless and laughed at
lied to and spat at
attackin my pride
as i tried
to get that back
i been cheated on
i been socked in the mouth
i been drugged
i been ----
i been gossiped about

i been cut
i been burned
i been suffocated,
i been pissed on
i been fuckin hated
starved, dehydrated
i been chased away bleedin
i been imprisoned,
pepper sprayed and tazed, screamin

prayin the feelin away,
but i needed to feel it to feel
what i feel
if i feel it today
and can say it
before i conceal it
n can seal it away

guess they down ya for
same shit they crown ya for
know youll blossom like a rose
in a crown of thorns

saints insane so i paint that same pain
tryna blow like cocaine
or cobain's brains

sometimes i wanna die
at home i cry alone
sometimes i try to dry my eyes with micropohones

shit...i guess you live and you learn
know the music i make
can cross the bridges i burned

i know first my stomach sours
then my pain becomes my power

here i
deliver you livin proof
little invincible
pinnin the pencil on principle
tense but im sensible
minuscule pinnacles
rappers on venues are rappers on menus
habitual hannibal
atttackin to end you
befriended you
bet you bit the hand that i lended you
ya man or ya fam offended
the damage identical
hand you your right hand mans right hand and his genitals
adamant never to
surrender to any of you

rockin foolish pride
just like jewelry I
can't help but feel like a fool inside

yeah i'm back bitch
times change, critics die
robin black bitch

tryna get my feet wet in this sunk system
i pump wisdom in em
like mugwump jism

i mean
god dog
it gets hectic
tryna keep it all in perspective
with a positive message

i been so insensitive selfish
ready to die like a samurai
with incense in my helmet

i'm sober i'm overwhelmed
give it to ya pure no Dolezal
Track Name: White

i know treason the reason
that we reside here
caesar size times square
breathin redefined air
dieties disguised
eagle eye spyware
diecide like its jus me inside there

like milk is
like silk like guilt is
like privilege like pilgrims
like millions
like trillions

like turmoil feel
like a vanilla ice cd
like a bp oil spill

like ammo
like spackle
like black...
robes and a gavel
like shackles

like a misunderstanding of defeatism
like academic elitism
like a wedding dress
heterosexual sex

like power
like i
like not ours

like deceased
like receipts
white like printer paper
like the sail on a sailboat
like a cointel pro infiltrator

self image administrators

like small pox
like biggie smalls, pac dual legacy instigated,
for your entertainment
white like cocaine is
white on white like Malevich
like hatred
like language
addressing a nation

like i cant dance
like a dennys grand slam
barry bonds grand slam investigation

like distain
like anguish

like pollution
like a school shootin
like a silver spoon in
a killers room
dark side of the moon and a doom disc
next to duke nukem

like the distribution of disillusion

the neighborhood watch
the police force
the president
the supreme court

like bribery
like ivory

like asylum hallways
like a power structure
made out of hustlas customers
counting up the counters numbers
all day

like a trailer park
like a narc
like gold bars
the old guard with gold cards
like toilet paper
like soap bars

white like suicide
like who the building supered by
like a suit and tie
chesher cats euthanized
housing minimized
fries supersized
a heretic’s thesis of american jesus
if he came back he’d jus get crucified

like the person presenting music
being same person there musical
influence is muted by (Lupe)

like who am i
Azazel cus my eyes hazel
white like paintings that depict angels
like halos

like knowledge takers like cult cultivators
intolerance tolerators
like college rapists

like racial motivation
like satan
like stilts over everything you built
before its milked
cultural appropriation

unadulterated alteration
thats poached before
approached and encased in
a cage when
its roped, groped
sold n stowed away in basements
laced then smoked
closed to the public
but open to interpretation
frozen faces rotatin stations
golden globe, grammy nomination
butchers of the authors text
like the architect of the matrix
white like “im not racist”
like a word in the dictionary with a positive connotation

like “it’s to cold send it back”
like “some of my best friends are black”

like like like
like daddys car
like battle scars

like war profiteers
like wars the poor fought for years
like slave auctioneers

like absurdity
like dirty purity
homeland security

like the bloody part of a band aid
like crackers like mayonnaise
like the social construct of my vocal conduct

relaxin with the meds there to let you
affluenza and a bless you
you let your possessions possess you
cops that don’t inspect you
a fortune you expect to
you never knew shame
so you're never embarrassed
you hate your parents
who hate your parents parents

peace and love in your word bubbles
“i do not love you”
in your thought bubbles
you got cuddled
but you sought trouble

dispassionate passive peers for years
active with straps in tactical gear
PTSD holdin back tears
psychoanalysts fear
you mismanaged yout mirror

like a materialistic
engineerin this

inner city timidity
this gimmick mimicry
spit in the religious validity of indigenous imagery

like weapon concealin
like president killlin
like narcotic fiend
martyr machine fuelin
screen ruling

big gulp chuggin
book burnin
mother truckin sister cousin fuckin

prayers to a blonde jesus
designed by kings to turn
personas to pawn pieces

science denouncin
black and white
fountain distinctions
journalists counting down to extinction
livin in a giant forum
sellin rebellion to kids whose parents buy it for em

rich cocaine sellin
wet dog in the rain smellin
got the coolest teacher fired
killed hostages
dick vienna sausage
aggressively ignorant

black site black sight
pepper spray
pity party cry baby
snow flake
rap like

lights camera action, act shunned
where ya get ya facts from
clap clap CIA heart attack gun

conspiracy theory origin
dismissed as an overactive imagination
homeless as a fashion statement
and acid infatuated

like petty demigods
only wash the car with evian

white like the judges other robes

bandana pantomime
tom cruise the last samurai
neo nazi cops
abortion clinic bombin
synagogues and

biker viking life
bible writin
violent tyrants
lightenin strikin twice

inherit regimes
merit terrorist schemes
kidnap a continent to fluff the pillows
of your fuckin american dream
Track Name: AAesop's aalmanac
Abandoned ape accent archer alphabet arsenal artist,
architects auctionin away archangel apartments

badged beheaders, better beretta bargains,
boiled blues bubbles,
buisness baptized battered banter
buddha bank, blank-

caped camelback, cosmos capturers
corpus callosum coliseum
carved carcass crowned cowboys
clutching counterfeit c-notes, couple city college cappuccinos
cash courts crash course casino, corrupt civic C.E.O’S

dough desirin, death defyin, delicatessen destined destiny denyin
doppleganger diary death designin,
dragon diet diamond denchered dignity
dapper don
devil damager

educated ears echo eligible energy, erect entablature,
enterprise eyes
elect economic enemies, escapism exposes evade eventuallys

fenced fees, fallout fire flowers, fictional forgiveness,
Focault foresight, favorable futures flinchin, Fox fluff, fat flies,
false flags, famine, fisticuffs

gold ghetto gotham goddesses gaspin, graspin glass guns,
grinning greener grass gums, gritty

Harmful highs
Hanes holsters
homicidal humidity,
hot holes, handcuffs
hold hands hug, halt hubris how, helvetica hell headline hounds,
headless honcho, hands hatorri hanzo
hamburgered hawks healthcare, hominid housing, hydrogen harmony

infamous immigrant island icarus issued igloos intermissions inaudibly

jack-o’-lantern jargon juries jinx juniors
justify jesters jenaveve jolie jenga

kintsugi kingdom, Konrad Kyeser, katana kilos karma

lungs liable lack Lebron ligaments, late love letters, labor labyrinth
lucky luxury lex luthor latham loop

Monolith myth
mint mickey mantle montana max math
mass market mental mansions
madden mouthpiece MGM millimeter mason
morphine morphemes
movie monologue manipulation
Maxx muscles
metamucil Metathusela muse mage mutoid man malaise
mechagodzilla music mammoth, mentor male mantis mad mens magic mess

Nasty Neckface
Nietzsche niche, Nobunaga nuts, Nero napalm,
nemean nemesis
nuclear notebook nest,
nostrils numb,
narrator nooses, nosey nixon nation
no Noray no

Of Oblomov
Olympus ovation, oasis oil oligarchy, orchestrated optimists, oxycontin opulence,
obelisk ossicle oculus

proper preperation prevents piss poor performance
pitch pure peruvian pyromancer portraits
pinochio pores paint perspiration
police preference, painstakin
paralysis pop
political pagliaci, pill pillagin pilgtimage
pegasus perched plot
paglai pavillion
praise powdered pissed pipsqueak pain pimps, pencil passport pulpit pirate prince

quote queer quarry queens quilt quarantines

rhythm rationed, reality resistance romanticized
righteous regalia
red rancid, radioactive, rivers rise

slang slang, Spot spies
symbolize silver saliva, sly spider, style sires,
sheep sippin sleep, seventh seal statistics,
supersonic science, sugar stamps, shills, spilled shield shipments
severus snape shape
simulated sunshine sacred secrets safe
soaring sharks
solid snake simulation
schizophrenic start
shinji satiation
sequel symbiotic,
sempiternal sonnets,
semiautomatic, semiotics
sic semper

tyranus, turnt titanics, telepathic twin tower terror tots, televised teardrops, top 20 Tyra tops,
there team tackled, tie-in turkish tobacco
tyro terminator technicalities tease thieves taze teens, Thneeds torn,
tug Trayvons triumph throughout the thorns

urbanite undertoe understandably undermine undefined uniforms uh
unacknowledged underdog

victory vaccinations,
value validated, volume vocation, viral visitation,
vodka vacuum, vomit voodoo, voice visceral
vision visined

wet waxy winter white, wiring wizard whiskers welcome winds wine whistles
world wide web windows widescreen with


Youporn yuppies yearly yearning young yankee yojimbo yen

zone zealots
zeus zapatos,
zorro zig zag zimmerman
Zion zombie zoo
zeitgeist zenith zen
Zarathustra, Zedd, Zordon zappin

abandoned ape accent archer alphabet arsenal artist, architects auctionin away archangel apartments
both badged beheaders, better...................
Track Name: Mastamind/Water ft. Dennis Kim

"there are three things that will endure: faith, hope, and love
and the greatest of these three is love" (1 Corinthians 13:13)

mastamind the life and times
masterin the craft the rhymes
eventually you could do it without a pad or a pencil
non stop freestylin to every instrumental

box head,
K.O. KICK like sean michaels
im in my sprewell jersey
im on the pegs a ya bicycles still

listenin to jadakiss, mystikal and country grammar
thinkin back to park matches
now my hands shakin like Samra
when he held the camera
HCW stamina
eyes tearin
actin like stone cold spittin soda on the ceiling
tradin bandanas
racin razor scooters
“notorious thugs” played from the computer

and if derek and bobby
there it a probably get
to where my dad goes off
turnin lights off and shit

shootin free throws with his eyes closed
passin me
my first hit a hydro

R.I.P. Ms. Roberts to
we cut class to puff smoke
i know you know the braids
and i know you know the puff coat

ya lemme borrow stillmatic
and im still at it
and as a matter of fact i am ill at it

you gave me somethin to strive for
let's see how long I can keep you alive for

loss for words at your eulogy
but ben was cool with me
i wish you coulda seen
family spoke so highly of someone so mighty
creative carin
n64 no mercy creatin characters
collectin wrestlemanias
me and antoinette pray for ya
we walked around ya block
and talked about alot
im listenin to “Life goes on” by Pac
and i'm still tryna learn what you didn’t know you taught

that was my role model
remy red to the head
me and john drank the whole bottle

but sumn still paralyzin the words i try to say
i could still smell popcorn out the microwave
watchin the “shining”
they can't stop me from rhymin
i'm steam rollin rappers
fake gold grill with the rolo wrappers

man his raps could give ya goosebumps
matter of fact i dont think i ever beat you in hoops once

encouraged me to join the team
doing songs i'm conjoining the dream

but when it starts to feel
like i start to heal
shit jus gets flipped like Allonte's no hand cartwheels

theres nothin i wouldn't do
so caught up trying to be as good as you

how survivors guilt feel?
man you were Nas and i was Ill Will
but your gone and here i am still

I thought if you were the brains
I could be the brawn
I spent years away becoming strong but i was wrong
best friend gone
sometimes when i'm stoned I still text his phone

remember them?
now all those haters embrace the sound
i sware i look at the bandcamp page and wanna take it down

so heavy on my conscience
my backs bendin
I look back and every track is schizophrenic

I didn't call to check in
and i heard you were an addict
and actions speak louder than words...Cymatics.