Belshazzar's Feast ft. Illy​-​G

from by Robin Black

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i live in the legend of Rome
sittin in heaven alone
no empathy shown,
no imagery honed
no sympathy sewn
into infantry clones
that edit the tone
of veterans letters to home
you memory foam
but i set it in stone
insects infestin ya phone
chemical dependency prone
work better alone
president prone
predator drone rhetoric known
subliminals thrown
and they enter ya dome
like kenneddy’s dome
did pleasantville homes
they sleep on me
cause i’m embedded in ya dome
til my teddy bears grown
with cubs of her own
illegible poems
defendants atone
discrepancy shown
n misery known
like Mehserle chrome
like sierra leone
n they pretend to atone
to invisible thrones
federal evidence negligence
legacies loaned
revenue growin
shoulda left me alone
shoulda let me do poems
now i let it be known
my enemies bones
detonated by phones
explode in your homes
extremities gone
reverie wherever we roam
resented the zone
that i went in and owned
now ya memories owned
you mentally owned
by invented unknowns


lookin like danny devito
with a grammy and a kilo

shut up the fuck bouta say hella tight shit
watch me hit the mic wit that kid dynamite shit

butterfly hands like
Bernard J. S. Cahill

inflated our egos
hopin to float above all that self hatred below

dale like at the fuks with all these samples
i cant pro tools it
cant produce it
so i had to give it to yall raw like folk music

was there a disc “one”?
or was it auditory hallucination
is there a disc “two”
or just a DISC1 Mutation?

on the precipice wit breakfast missin
precipice blessin blissin

how do yall manage?
get so high i take fall damage

that album took forever
yeah no shit bitch
but i got patience like mo risk rich

yah i got dough but ima save it up to
have my gear match like an asian couple

you could be on your nipsey hussle but ya chick wit me gettin her nipples suckled

i got the steeze
i jus got the piece
the thought police
forgot to seize

til we in wakiki
like y-e-e

is it a necklace or jus a buncha fireflies holden hands?

fake killas inspire real ones
fake thugs with real guns
dont even think of you as a challenger
you hinkley im salinger


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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