from by Robin Black

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Frustration, fear of failure
where Adam and Eve wear Monsanto leaves on genitalia
on every television station in this simulation of America

what police cars burnin for
what the people yearnin for

you’re not prepared to sell
they prepare a cell
get nails passed thru fists
and we cant seem to see a parrallel

we prioritized seperation instead
of thinking seven generations ahead

who fights who mourns
when both sides
promised victory to newborns

what would you die for
what would you kill for
we fight wars
to put up coca cola billboards

killas reelin in billions rapidly
counting money
on the graves of civilian casualties

when the torments dormant
yea thats the performance
you can’t have a peace symbol
just cus you broke
a swastikas arms and legs to form it

let me take a wild guess
it don’t feel like yo fulfilling your dreams
cut education
uneducated, you be come complacent
this ensures that your either cowards or killing machines

idealize lies
a grenade blew off both of his hands
nothing to romanticize
it was just another man
no g.i. joes no cobra command
no Iraqis no Americans
no freedom fighters no terrorists

mercy mercy me
bombs blow up the nurseries

evil learns from the past
as it eat its kids...
you know how they kill revolutions now?
they just let the leaders live

pledge allegiance
how long can you convince yourself that your heaven is
any realer then the native ones we buried beneath us

Imagine Dr. Kings speeches after he survived the bullet
John Lennon’s, Malcolms or Ghandi’s

Imagine if they sent Muhammad ali
To Vietnam
gave him flamethrowers AK’s landmines and napalm
push him out the helicopter “go and get your freedom on”

what i got in store
can’t be bought in stores
put the money next to the props i don’t want no more
what i see now is different than what i saw before
the world is a womb
and it’s miscarried gods before

fear mongers on the news
reporting hate mongers views

but this what you wanted
he who gets the paper
is he who writes history upon it

until lions write history books of their own
the hunter will always be the hero

now they're all my friends
and now they're all my peers
now they all pretend that they've been around for years
now they all got different stories to tell
how they loved me so much
how they knew me so well

powerless and laughed at
lied to and spat at
attackin my pride
as i tried
to get that back
i been cheated on
i been socked in the mouth
i been drugged
i been ----
i been gossiped about

i been cut
i been burned
i been suffocated,
i been pissed on
i been fuckin hated
starved, dehydrated
i been chased away bleedin
i been imprisoned,
pepper sprayed and tazed, screamin

prayin the feelin away,
but i needed to feel it to feel
what i feel
if i feel it today
and can say it
before i conceal it
n can seal it away

guess they down ya for
same shit they crown ya for
know youll blossom like a rose
in a crown of thorns

saints insane so i paint that same pain
tryna blow like cocaine
or cobain's brains

sometimes i wanna die
at home i cry alone
sometimes i try to dry my eyes with micropohones

shit...i guess you live and you learn
know the music i make
can cross the bridges i burned

i know first my stomach sours
then my pain becomes my power

here i
deliver you livin proof
little invincible
pinnin the pencil on principle
tense but im sensible
minuscule pinnacles
rappers on venues are rappers on menus
habitual hannibal
atttackin to end you
befriended you
bet you bit the hand that i lended you
ya man or ya fam offended
the damage identical
hand you your right hand mans right hand and his genitals
adamant never to
surrender to any of you

rockin foolish pride
just like jewelry I
can't help but feel like a fool inside

yeah i'm back bitch
times change, critics die
robin black bitch

tryna get my feet wet in this sunk system
i pump wisdom in em
like mugwump jism

i mean
god dog
it gets hectic
tryna keep it all in perspective
with a positive message

i been so insensitive selfish
ready to die like a samurai
with incense in my helmet

i'm sober i'm overwhelmed
give it to ya pure no Dolezal


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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