from by Robin Black

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i know treason the reason
that we reside here
caesar size times square
breathin redefined air
dieties disguised
eagle eye spyware
diecide like its jus me inside there

like milk is
like silk like guilt is
like privilege like pilgrims
like millions
like trillions

like turmoil feel
like a vanilla ice cd
like a bp oil spill

like ammo
like spackle
like black...
robes and a gavel
like shackles

like a misunderstanding of defeatism
like academic elitism
like a wedding dress
heterosexual sex

like power
like i
like not ours

like deceased
like receipts
white like printer paper
like the sail on a sailboat
like a cointel pro infiltrator

self image administrators

like small pox
like biggie smalls, pac dual legacy instigated,
for your entertainment
white like cocaine is
white on white like Malevich
like hatred
like language
addressing a nation

like i cant dance
like a dennys grand slam
barry bonds grand slam investigation

like distain
like anguish

like pollution
like a school shootin
like a silver spoon in
a killers room
dark side of the moon and a doom disc
next to duke nukem

like the distribution of disillusion

the neighborhood watch
the police force
the president
the supreme court

like bribery
like ivory

like asylum hallways
like a power structure
made out of hustlas customers
counting up the counters numbers
all day

like a trailer park
like a narc
like gold bars
the old guard with gold cards
like toilet paper
like soap bars

white like suicide
like who the building supered by
like a suit and tie
chesher cats euthanized
housing minimized
fries supersized
a heretic’s thesis of american jesus
if he came back he’d jus get crucified

like the person presenting music
being same person there musical
influence is muted by (Lupe)

like who am i
Azazel cus my eyes hazel
white like paintings that depict angels
like halos

like knowledge takers like cult cultivators
intolerance tolerators
like college rapists

like racial motivation
like satan
like stilts over everything you built
before its milked
cultural appropriation

unadulterated alteration
thats poached before
approached and encased in
a cage when
its roped, groped
sold n stowed away in basements
laced then smoked
closed to the public
but open to interpretation
frozen faces rotatin stations
golden globe, grammy nomination
butchers of the authors text
like the architect of the matrix
white like “im not racist”
like a word in the dictionary with a positive connotation

like “it’s to cold send it back”
like “some of my best friends are black”

like like like
like daddys car
like battle scars

like war profiteers
like wars the poor fought for years
like slave auctioneers

like absurdity
like dirty purity
homeland security

like the bloody part of a band aid
like crackers like mayonnaise
like the social construct of my vocal conduct

relaxin with the meds there to let you
affluenza and a bless you
you let your possessions possess you
cops that don’t inspect you
a fortune you expect to
you never knew shame
so you're never embarrassed
you hate your parents
who hate your parents parents

peace and love in your word bubbles
“i do not love you”
in your thought bubbles
you got cuddled
but you sought trouble

dispassionate passive peers for years
active with straps in tactical gear
PTSD holdin back tears
psychoanalysts fear
you mismanaged yout mirror

like a materialistic
engineerin this

inner city timidity
this gimmick mimicry
spit in the religious validity of indigenous imagery

like weapon concealin
like president killlin
like narcotic fiend
martyr machine fuelin
screen ruling

big gulp chuggin
book burnin
mother truckin sister cousin fuckin

prayers to a blonde jesus
designed by kings to turn
personas to pawn pieces

science denouncin
black and white
fountain distinctions
journalists counting down to extinction
livin in a giant forum
sellin rebellion to kids whose parents buy it for em

rich cocaine sellin
wet dog in the rain smellin
got the coolest teacher fired
killed hostages
dick vienna sausage
aggressively ignorant

black site black sight
pepper spray
pity party cry baby
snow flake
rap like

lights camera action, act shunned
where ya get ya facts from
clap clap CIA heart attack gun

conspiracy theory origin
dismissed as an overactive imagination
homeless as a fashion statement
and acid infatuated

like petty demigods
only wash the car with evian

white like the judges other robes

bandana pantomime
tom cruise the last samurai
neo nazi cops
abortion clinic bombin
synagogues and

biker viking life
bible writin
violent tyrants
lightenin strikin twice

inherit regimes
merit terrorist schemes
kidnap a continent to fluff the pillows
of your fuckin american dream


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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