The End of ILL I RISE (Episode 14​+​15)

from by Robin Black

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Author: ThaKidd (


My name is Robin Black....

I came here to kill it
when i left it was dead
I burned up the body
I severed the head

the clowns back
the crown
the soundtrack about it
I know the game
my bones and veins
wrap around it
wire tap your town
rap i doubt it
i shouted it out loud
out n about town
now it’s
jus a countdown away 4, 3...
dap ya down

i dont really know how
(i really don't)
but i found away

The Shining superimposed
who dispute the devotion?
prose in the hue of home
cue the future implodin

i do this for you, i hope that you know
my smile is toothless
cause the truth is
i chose, to
old and train you
the dojo
ya came to
what ya dont
kno explained to

you to change the way you
view the pain
remain who you became
to stay the same you
rue the day you lose ya way
ya knew you’d stray
so made me make you

ghost in the shell flow
reboot it back up,
backed up the computer,
now we lose no more tracks bruh

i Came to this table
hated, fated to fail

avail stalemates
what i state aint for sale

my failsafe failed
had faith i'd prevail

now they chasin my tail
at the pace of a snail

reach beyond Light like ultraviolet rays
a smile faker, inner child savior, pilot Eva
why noray i say
cryin at ya grave
in my mind i try and find a way to save ya
what i try and say
my silence stays awake fa
why fight fate or ?
pile paper or ?

wide eyed dilator
why die later?

why’d i wait for
it to be to late....


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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