Room Service ft. Davy Droman

from by Robin Black

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I got chemical imbalances
vexin my exo skeleton
it’s never been so challengin
than how it is now its been
down and out poutin
blackin out from downin gin,
HAL 9000 power trippin
clam chowder powder bingin
thousand miles per hour zippin
thru doubt and uncertainty
outright fallacy
reality virtually
nostalgia commercially
the sound of empowerment
watered down with
conflicting accounts
of encountering currency
serve you cowards like courtesy
serve you like a kitchen counter
get disemboweled or devoured
ditched,disavowed or deflowered
dissed and discounted
but proud of it
cause it grounded
the shit we spittin now
to the hits
shittin out on tha bitch asses that classified
my passion as asinine
last of it cause im

im thinkn bigger than big out the body bag
and body anybody
think they big enough
to embody that

so have hip hop hate me like anything feminine
but i can do more than emulate eminem and them

ya’ll mothafuckas think ya sermons perplex me?
like i aint been on stage with Sherman Alexie...


Heat my folgers
greet my mornings pourin
mai tai’s
like hov and tah tah
I crane kicka cobra kai guy
fly by
treasure better weather
has a jet set ever
had a breakfast better?
best bet france and then uh
next up mecca

postcards from Maui Waui
wow we wowed the nation
wildn out and now we
out of wave runnas
pillow case oasis
out the shower flower fragrance
what ya kno bout fillin photo albums
up with smilin faces?

Leonitus we jus righteous
it jus feel like it
blue dream burnin
unique worded room service verses
peep the pina colada music
enthusiasts losin it
got em bobbin to it
nostrils leak the La Madrina

Reefa roastin
toast tequila
toast mimosas
smoke cohibas
punk puta policia
life a bitch grand odalisque her features
peep tha moleskin soaked in game
poetry be coca leafy
know ya see me
and i know ya know
the name

i'm lookin like Ewan Mcgreggor in a room full of treasure
treasurin the studio time that i get
come through, hooks in my hand like a motherfuckin pirate

i'm tryna be shakespeare, ya'll bathin in drake's tears
i snatch ray bands off the fake fans and get props like a stage hand
bossin like vince swaggin like shane mcmahon

a lil purp stankin and theres no stoppin him
keep it ben franklin on one like george washington

get stupified get super high
i'm bouta come harder than bill clinton unsupervised

i strive to keep the vibe alive
beaten despised
weakened but deep inside wise
pimp peep the pride in my sleep deprived eyes

i got 3 ho's keep it lit like christmas
album ain't mixed but i bet the chick i'm with is


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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