NY Datamine​/​Wreck of the Titan

from by Robin Black

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he was tryin to tell me "you aint shit, you aint doin shows"
and i jus told him "you ain't shit, and you ARE doin shows"


Stocky sake sipper
in knock off versace slippers,
shinin like body glitter
on a stripper
with the disc jockeys jockin it
like aubrey plaza topless
asophagus apocalypse
metropolis populus
i be that off pitch prophet
lockpickin, pick pocket,
rings and wristwatches
hot shit ya caught with,
you get picked off quick
the hava-nots ragnarok,
the masterpiece yall sleepin on
piano keys im creepin on,
drop like robert oppenhemier
just to rock designer,
i be that wicked rhymer with the china
sippin forties,
first i sniff a line
then get behind the thickest shorty
on fire like bomb ass buddha in rolled joints
i slither like a dragon
in a room full of gold coins,
a lucrative
music biz
that you could jus go join
lootin the youth
and they dupin the dopeboys,
stoop for a suit
and you get couped up like old boy,
im comin through the motherfuckin roof of ya rolls royce


I know reality shows you
better than reality shows do

like Zorro i'ma carve an "R" in it......

cultures in the garbage
ya'll jus vultures in the carcass
party starters that had to barter with barbers
turnt bacardi marketers
bargainin martyrs
and i sware to god
all ya'll are heartless
and i don't give a fuck (not particularly)
crucify me on Mcdonald’s arches

Washington thats smoke and mirrors
Hollywood thats coc and mirrors
all i’ve ever known are open ears and broken spirits

diary of dark summers
paint chippin at the activism that the art covers

broken promise land
get smoked on a body cam
for a god damn
marijuana gram

livin the dream?
you live in a dream
this Alan Turing cracking
the enigma machine

Gore vidal with a 40 cal
Julius caesar in a pool full of ether

and it's oh so apparent when i flow O’s of heroin
JFK with a jackie O and a Marilyn

I unlearn their truth
there burden of proof
when they murderin
Ferguson youth

so go messiah complex
my entire context
man i been frightened
but now i’m enlightened

mothafuckaz wana be oscar winners
I’d rather be Oscar Schindler
Guns out the 3d printer

buy and sell religion
your god is television
see you were pacified
and told you’d self actualized

brain washed, sold divinity
phone, computer, wifi
ya holy trinity

i’m living in a world
that commemorates Fascists
an emulates madness to stimulate status

politics of an insane culture
the left wing
the right wing
the same vulture

while internet buffering
while lil kids sufferin



from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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