New Game Plus​/​Return Fire

from by Robin Black

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Here was a kid with his act down pat
from zero to hero in no time flat
young Michael Jack
can’t micromanage that
no slack for no Jo Jack
ya get ya daddy smacked

knick knack paddy wack
big black caddillac
when it come to rhymin on the track
yo i gotta knack

notebook passage
no look passes
no hooks
i’m focused
i won’t just cash in

mad scientist witha fat client list
tight knit type of clique
that i transpire with
just to maintain this shit
Champagne in my piss
and i ain’t changed a bit

dropped my first tape
they want the kid to retire
no hard copies
it was physically fire

San Francisco you know i’m talking to you
never take an L
i gotta walk to the zoo (stupid)

Robin Black
kill ya leaders free ya followers
BIG said "it was all a dream"
a dream isn’t all it was

i been fightin all night and day
with my mentor’s torches
to light my way

angels circlin
the pain resurfacin
venom circulatin
through the veins of the murmurin
vermin in the game that affirmative we murderin
turnin in what we learned
to journey further in

the raptures pastures
with the pastors bastards
lacquered plaques
above the shackled hackers

i’m imaginin me up
in the Oracle arena
layin it down like a portable machine gun

how the same mothafuckas
who be shruggin at my dreams
study and steal
the style and rhyme schemes

tryna pretend like the shit don’t get to me
inspirin the same people who never accepted me

and you aint even gotta purchase it
back in the lab recordin slaps
like child services

you don't want the years
of work that i put in
the tears of hurt that i couldn't hide
behind my pride
you don't want a momma that you couldn't find

you want the respect that i have today
but you don't want ya homies to pass away
you don't wanna save you throw the cash away
you just want the praise you want the accolades

you try to hold me back but i gotta go to class
i ain't bullshittin so i gotta go to pass
first i gotta go to english then i gotta go to math
and i didn't get the syllabus i gotta go back (Fuck)

financially, physically
academically, artistically

tryna pull more out of me
earn more
learn more
burn more calories

i wanna be a better rapper
bump the tape hope your day is better after
robin black...second chapter

watch me outrap em
watch i got em so shook
dale play the beat i got 100 fuckin notebooks


back in the day
we’d go play
parappa the rapper, bushido blade

i guess that’s
why i am
a grammar enamored man
with the banner of my samurai clan
in my hand

look down on me?
kid you couldn’t get high enough
i strolled in this game
soaked in Goliath blood

some call me from jail
some call me the man
ya kno i get throwd
like a ball in a hand

i stepped on the court
still haven’t felt the bench
don’t judge me by first album
judge me by my tenth

i’m the one
it’s so clear i am
thought i couldn’t come harder that
and here i am

sometimes i wonder
will i make it past 30
when ya comin hella clean
they wana do ya hella dirty

but take a look back at what got me right here
it was swallowin pride
it was vomitin prayer

afraid of ya fallacies
a slave to ya salaries
we in this together Now
No savior mentalities

cus back at Mission high
shit was mission impossible
2 tapes in
now i’m fuckin unstoppable

true to yourself
i really urge you to be
since i just self actualized the thousandth version of me

i’m through with just dreamin
I’m movin with meanin
cus now i got somethin
for you to believe in

he mocks me?
man can he not see?
wannabe’s wanna be where
my feet got me

blood in the ring
crowd squirmin in their seat
cus im about to show victory
all i learned from defeat


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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