Mastamind​/​Water ft. Dennis Kim

from by Robin Black

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"there are three things that will endure: faith, hope, and love
and the greatest of these three is love" (1 Corinthians 13:13)

mastamind the life and times
masterin the craft the rhymes
eventually you could do it without a pad or a pencil
non stop freestylin to every instrumental

box head,
K.O. KICK like sean michaels
im in my sprewell jersey
im on the pegs a ya bicycles still

listenin to jadakiss, mystikal and country grammar
thinkin back to park matches
now my hands shakin like Samra
when he held the camera
HCW stamina
eyes tearin
actin like stone cold spittin soda on the ceiling
tradin bandanas
racin razor scooters
“notorious thugs” played from the computer

and if derek and bobby
there it a probably get
to where my dad goes off
turnin lights off and shit

shootin free throws with his eyes closed
passin me
my first hit a hydro

R.I.P. Ms. Roberts to
we cut class to puff smoke
i know you know the braids
and i know you know the puff coat

ya lemme borrow stillmatic
and im still at it
and as a matter of fact i am ill at it

you gave me somethin to strive for
let's see how long I can keep you alive for

loss for words at your eulogy
but ben was cool with me
i wish you coulda seen
family spoke so highly of someone so mighty
creative carin
n64 no mercy creatin characters
collectin wrestlemanias
me and antoinette pray for ya
we walked around ya block
and talked about alot
im listenin to “Life goes on” by Pac
and i'm still tryna learn what you didn’t know you taught

that was my role model
remy red to the head
me and john drank the whole bottle

but sumn still paralyzin the words i try to say
i could still smell popcorn out the microwave
watchin the “shining”
they can't stop me from rhymin
i'm steam rollin rappers
fake gold grill with the rolo wrappers

man his raps could give ya goosebumps
matter of fact i dont think i ever beat you in hoops once

encouraged me to join the team
doing songs i'm conjoining the dream

but when it starts to feel
like i start to heal
shit jus gets flipped like Allonte's no hand cartwheels

theres nothin i wouldn't do
so caught up trying to be as good as you

how survivors guilt feel?
man you were Nas and i was Ill Will
but your gone and here i am still

I thought if you were the brains
I could be the brawn
I spent years away becoming strong but i was wrong
best friend gone
sometimes when i'm stoned I still text his phone

remember them?
now all those haters embrace the sound
i sware i look at the bandcamp page and wanna take it down

so heavy on my conscience
my backs bendin
I look back and every track is schizophrenic

I didn't call to check in
and i heard you were an addict
and actions speak louder than words...Cymatics.


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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