Centralia (Hip Hop Hooray)

from by Robin Black

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from the jump like Geronimo
i just feel phenominal
word to my momma cuz
im on like the honor roll im on
im on a roll
put it down like dominos,
ima calm the drama like the palm muhhamad hold
with no coc or liquor,
no O’s or figures
i just under promised watch me over deliver
cause you bozos know i’m cold like a Hoboken winter
in those clothes with those holes only homies remember
i seen hopes and dreams
turn into dope and beams
turnta tropes and schemes, turnta dope MC’s
turn to me
cus i’m tryna cope and cultivate
im tryna motivate us
i’m tryna flow
like ocean waves over notebook pages
no i don’t know what fame is
but what i wrotes outrageous,
quote it so i know i made it

so sing it if ya know it
and ya know i know ya know it


it's the R-O-B-I-N
flowin like im neckless
no necklace needed
jus take the flow and freeze it
freeze the flow and wear it
the people know
it’s ether so
they don’t even care if
the lyrics on the sheet
that i speak
meet and merit
the beat i need to eat
i mean the need to eat a beat
i mean the CD fee is free
still see me treat my parents
still see me keep my bearings
defeat it be the key to me
seekin greener scenery
like therapy to share it
scared to be compared to me
they scared to be embarrassed
any emcee unaware of me has clarity to cherish
Herakles to Pharisees
fares, fees and tariffs
carefully i bury care free adversaries arrogance
vocabulary varies with no generic narrative
through all the wear and tear
keep my sincerity apparent as...

R-O to the B-I-N
Pineapple juice to the G-I-N

in the mind of the youth like adderal is
off top, male pattern baldness

i'm bout it bout it
ima be wilin
while in stylin like im andre 3000

if it isn't frisco
must be brooklyn
punched the game in the face when it wasn't lookin

I ain't even worried
you could take a shot like Stephen Curry

i think yiddish
dress british


f with us

school em like Columbine
shine this lil light of mine
til it extinguish

i looked off in lectures
took off semesters
shook off professors
left schoolbooks on the dresser

despite our predecessors best effort bet
we left the records wrecked
squares shook like an etch-a-sketch
bird echelon thats nothin to second guess
metal gear rex teks
tex mex for breakfast

commitment to excellence
work ethic perplexin perfectionists
concepts fleshed out like a pent house
just walked in but i'm feelin like the best out

gotta keep it movin
every new day dearer
so i'm startin with the man in the 2 way mirror

used to get one check
i did my best to budget
now i'm hoppin on a plane to the Czech republic......


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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