AAesop's aalmanac

from by Robin Black

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Abandoned ape accent archer alphabet arsenal artist,
architects auctionin away archangel apartments

badged beheaders, better beretta bargains,
boiled blues bubbles,
buisness baptized battered banter
buddha bank, blank-

caped camelback, cosmos capturers
corpus callosum coliseum
carved carcass crowned cowboys
clutching counterfeit c-notes, couple city college cappuccinos
cash courts crash course casino, corrupt civic C.E.O’S

dough desirin, death defyin, delicatessen destined destiny denyin
doppleganger diary death designin,
dragon diet diamond denchered dignity
dapper don
devil damager

educated ears echo eligible energy, erect entablature,
enterprise eyes
elect economic enemies, escapism exposes evade eventuallys

fenced fees, fallout fire flowers, fictional forgiveness,
Focault foresight, favorable futures flinchin, Fox fluff, fat flies,
false flags, famine, fisticuffs

gold ghetto gotham goddesses gaspin, graspin glass guns,
grinning greener grass gums, gritty

Harmful highs
Hanes holsters
homicidal humidity,
hot holes, handcuffs
hold hands hug, halt hubris how, helvetica hell headline hounds,
headless honcho, hands hatorri hanzo
hamburgered hawks healthcare, hominid housing, hydrogen harmony

infamous immigrant island icarus issued igloos intermissions inaudibly

jack-o’-lantern jargon juries jinx juniors
justify jesters jenaveve jolie jenga

kintsugi kingdom, Konrad Kyeser, katana kilos karma

lungs liable lack Lebron ligaments, late love letters, labor labyrinth
lucky luxury lex luthor latham loop

Monolith myth
mint mickey mantle montana max math
mass market mental mansions
madden mouthpiece MGM millimeter mason
morphine morphemes
movie monologue manipulation
Maxx muscles
metamucil Metathusela muse mage mutoid man malaise
mechagodzilla music mammoth, mentor male mantis mad mens magic mess

Nasty Neckface
Nietzsche niche, Nobunaga nuts, Nero napalm,
nemean nemesis
nuclear notebook nest,
nostrils numb,
narrator nooses, nosey nixon nation
no Noray no

Of Oblomov
Olympus ovation, oasis oil oligarchy, orchestrated optimists, oxycontin opulence,
obelisk ossicle oculus

proper preperation prevents piss poor performance
pitch pure peruvian pyromancer portraits
pinochio pores paint perspiration
police preference, painstakin
paralysis pop
political pagliaci, pill pillagin pilgtimage
pegasus perched plot
paglai pavillion
praise powdered pissed pipsqueak pain pimps, pencil passport pulpit pirate prince

quote queer quarry queens quilt quarantines

rhythm rationed, reality resistance romanticized
righteous regalia
red rancid, radioactive, rivers rise

slang slang, Spot spies
symbolize silver saliva, sly spider, style sires,
sheep sippin sleep, seventh seal statistics,
supersonic science, sugar stamps, shills, spilled shield shipments
severus snape shape
simulated sunshine sacred secrets safe
soaring sharks
solid snake simulation
schizophrenic start
shinji satiation
sequel symbiotic,
sempiternal sonnets,
semiautomatic, semiotics
sic semper

tyranus, turnt titanics, telepathic twin tower terror tots, televised teardrops, top 20 Tyra tops,
there team tackled, tie-in turkish tobacco
tyro terminator technicalities tease thieves taze teens, Thneeds torn,
tug Trayvons triumph throughout the thorns

urbanite undertoe understandably undermine undefined uniforms uh
unacknowledged underdog

victory vaccinations,
value validated, volume vocation, viral visitation,
vodka vacuum, vomit voodoo, voice visceral
vision visined

wet waxy winter white, wiring wizard whiskers welcome winds wine whistles
world wide web windows widescreen with


Youporn yuppies yearly yearning young yankee yojimbo yen

zone zealots
zeus zapatos,
zorro zig zag zimmerman
Zion zombie zoo
zeitgeist zenith zen
Zarathustra, Zedd, Zordon zappin

abandoned ape accent archer alphabet arsenal artist, architects auctionin away archangel apartments
both badged beheaders, better...................


from CYMATICS, released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Robin Black San Francisco, California

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